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Vacation is the gift and the reward we allow ourselves to depart from routine to renew and refresh ourselves – why then do so many people return from vacation even more tired and heavier than before? While most of us have thought about spending time at OSA Trekking, we may imagine that our spouse will be bored, or the family will not want to participate, or that we will not be able to enjoy our time in other activities. This is a perception that is keeping us from optimal health. It is time to change your mind set and open up to the new possibilities of wellness holidays that are now available.

In the fabulous southern region of Costa Rica at the Waterfall Villas you and your family can take surf lessons, ride a canopy Zipline, hiking or horseback riding to a giant Waterfall; and even enjoy other adrenaline sports such as diving, snorkeling, kyacking at Corcovado National Park Tours. While you can enjoy any of these as a couple or family, you can combine all of these fun activates with luxuriating in wonderful stress reliving Spa, and wonderfully healthy, but tasteful meals that everyone will enjoy.

The environment a Corcovado Tours from Puerto Jimenez is truly cleansing and rejuvenating, right next to amazing waterfalls. The Cascadas Farallas waterfall is a 100ft tall cascading stairway to heaven waterfall, where you can relax on the wood decks at the falls, and watch the humming birds and Toucans while listening to the sound of the waterfalls. The constant flow of crystalline white water is breathtaking. Exotic giant florescent blue butterflies dance every day in the fall; this is the primeval rainforest, and your luxury Corcovado Overnight Tour is right next to a reality jungle picture show while wildlife can be viewed from your balcony. Nature trails and lots of special places enjoy nature make for a fun exploration for everyone.

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