Are you making these 10 kitchen remodeling mistakes while renovating your kitchen?

Kitchen remodeling is a combination of art and science. While the colors and design aspects make a treat for the eyes, the calculations for the detailing make for the complete functionality of a kitchen. Ignoring any one aspect can shake your dream of a dreamy kitchen.
But why are we giving so much importance to a kitchen? After all it’s just used for cooking.
Wondering the same?
Well, a kitchen is not just meant for cooking, serving and eating. In fact it makes the used space of your home as most of the informal socializing takes place in the kitchen. Therefore you must be very careful and attentive while planning for kitchen remodeling.
Here we have listed the 10 most common kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid, pertaining to design and layout.

1. The Work Triangle
See some science already!
The kitchen specialists refer to the sink, stove and refrigerator as the work triangle. And as per the kitchen standards there should be no blockade in this area. This is because these three are the most used sections in your kitchen.
In particular the sink is being used the most out of the three which is why the way to your stove and refrigerator should be free. You shouldn’t have to take a U-turn or something from your sink to reach the stove or refrigerator or vice-versa.

We understand and agree that the sink has to be placed where the plumbing has been done. But if at all you feel that the sink placement is obstructing the work triangle, contact your plumber to fix the pipes. So as to place the sink in the best possible space for easy workflow and beautiful design.
Even if your kitchen is L-shaped, U-shaped, Galley or island, it is advised by Experts that no leg of the triangle should be less than 4 feet (1.2 m) or more than 9 feet (2.7 m).
Hence it is advisable to keep this “Work Triangle” theory in mind while renovating your kitchen for an easy and unobstructed functionality.

2. Calculate the Storage Space Wisely
The cabinets are not only for meant to increase the look of the kitchen. But there main objective is to provide adequate space for storing your kitchen utilizes in a smart, organized and easy to reach fashion. While remodeling your kitchen give special attention to how your cabinets are placed.
Try and include most likely to ignore corners and spaces of your kitchen for storage purposes. To explain further, it is a wise idea to place a cabinet above the refrigerator, so as to place the seasonal utilities or less used items there.
Ain’t this a cool idea?
Furthermore, try placing long cabinets with molding in your kitchen with less area for otherwise storage. Hop on your designing chair and decorate it with an indoor plant or a showpiece.
Use beautiful lightings to add up to the style quotient. Just spread your imaginations to use every bit and corner of your kitchen in such a way that neither it looks too occupied nor it looks wasted.

3. Counter Space – Just the right size
All those who use kitchen quite often will agree with me on the fact that the counter space just has to be huge (not Hulk huge, but you know what I mean). So as to ease the placing of the appliances or other utilities in a much handy and beautiful manner.
For this it’s best to add an island or a breakfast bar in your kitchen. This way not only you will add style, but will optimize the available space in a better way.

4. Ignoring the Lightings
Don’t you just love lights?
Well styled lightings add brightness and fashion to your ordinary looking kitchen. For instance by adding pendant lights you will immediately notice the difference in your existing and remodeled kitchen.
Also, lights are essential when you are working with sharp objects like knife and obviously for cooking recipes for your friends and family.
You can also try under cabinet lighting for better visibility and it also gives a vision of increased space.
Analyze the areas you primarily work on. And then mark it to add a proper lights above the work stations.

5. Cutting out Backsplash
Before digging in deeper, first analyze what is more easy;
…to clean stains off a paint or a wallpaper, or cleaning off over tiles?
The answer is crystal clear; tiles. This is why back splashing is crucial. While you can save some amount of money initially by not opting for backsplash. Then again think about all the extra cost you’ll have to bear eventually for maintaining the paint or the wallpaper.
Therefore, kitchen remodeling experts advise not to ignore the back splash in a kitchen.

6. Foul odor, foul air
It has been experienced over time that while kitchen owners give ample attention to design and layout, they tend to ignore ventilation.
Now nobody likes to smell yesterday night’s food at breakfast time.
For this it is essential to include a great ventilation system in your remodeled kitchen. It is even more important to invest in high quality ventilation. Otherwise it will just circulate the dirty stale air, rather than giving a fresh clean air.
Furthermore if your kitchen opens up in a living room it is crucial to have a good ventilating systems. After all you do not want your guests to smell your food or any other unpleasant odor. Another advantage of a great ventilating system is that it aids in giving a longer life to the appliances in the kitchen.

7. Kitchen Island – Necessity or Obstruction?
While kitchen island serve a great purpose for storage, preparation and serving objectives. But at times wrong judgement can make it a waste of space and a clumsy platform.
Make it a ground rule to not add Kitchen Island in small area kitchens. Otherwise you will have a tough time sorting space and clutter. It’s not mandatory to have an island. If your kitchen space does not allow you to have one, it’s best to ignore it.

8. Excess of everything is harmful!
Although the purpose of remodeling your kitchen is to style it up, but do not overdo it. As it will kill the essence of the layout and the design and will more likely give a cluttered and rainbow look.
Instead of choosing appliances and materials which are trendier, go for the materials which are trendy as well as durable. On balance if you try to save now, you might have to put in more money to fix things eventually. So isn’t it a good idea to invest wisely.

9. Professional Advice is an added advantage
Even though taking on the kitchen redesigning project yourself is a good idea, but taking professional advice from experts is a better approach. Because the professional kitchen remodelers have a better understanding of the process owing to their hands-on designing experience.
They will put your money to best use and will save time and money on your dream kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen remodeling isn’t about splashing colors on your existing kitchen. Rather it is about the combination of better look and improved functionality of your remodeled kitchen.
Consider organizing the kitchen space such that it gives a neat and accessible ambiance by keeping in mind the above 9 points.
Before signing up for your project try to take free design kitchen remodeling consultation from experts to help you make the right decision for your kitchen.

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