Weekly Hotels Shared about Unexplored Yet Important Amenities offered by Extended Stay Hotels

A representative of the Weekly Hotels shared about a wide array of amenities offered by the extended stay hotels. According to the shared details, each extended stay hotel has many different amenities to delight their customers who stay in the hotel for a longer period of time. Some of these amenities are very well known among travelers such as,

• Spacious room with high quality furniture
• Hotel rooms with fully equipped kitchen
• In-room microwave
• In-room fridge
• In-room TV
• In-room Coffee and tea maker
• High speed internet access
• WiFi access
• Complimentary Breakfast

The representative of the Weekly Hotels shared that “There are many more amenities other than the above listed well know amenities offered by the weekly stay hotels. The guests would love to explore those amenities, but as they are unaware, they often couldn’t take benefit of these amenities.”

The spokesperson of the Weekly Hotels shared some unexplored yet amazing amenities offered by the extended stay hotels:

Shuttle Service

There are many weekly stay hotels that provide shuttle service to their long stay guests to and from the Airport. There are some extended stay hotels that offer shuttle service from hotel to main spots of the city and main tourist points. The charges can be part of the weekly rates or additional, but it would be really convenient to get the transport on doorstep while you are in another city.

There are many extended stay hotel that offers reserved parking space to their guests. This is really useful for business travelers or the travelers who go for vacations by road. They can keep their vehicle safe in the reserved parking space without any additional charges.

Wheelchair Service
The extended stay hotels give facility of the wheelchair to old and handicap people. This is really convenient for them. The guest can inquire about it at the time of booking and also instruct staff to be available with the wheelchair at their time of arrival to avoid any delay or inconvenience.

Easy Access to Famous Outdoor Recreation Centers

The weekly stay hotels provide tickets and quick access of well-known tourist places, theme parks and museums of the city. You don’t need to stay in the long queue to get tickets. You can collect it from the hotel desk and make your visit quick.

Access to Fitness Center

The extended stay hotel offers access to their fitness center that can help fitness freaks not missing their daily workout.
Access to Business Center and Banquet Hall

Many extended stay hotels have business centers and banquet hall to cater their guests who are on a business trip. You can take benefit of fully equipped business centers and can also arrange a meeting in the banquet hall.
There are many as such amazing amenities offered by the extended stay hotels to delight their customers. One may find about the available amenities of a hotel from their website. The Weekly Hotels provide a complete list of available amenities in the description page of the extended stay hotel. The Weekly Hotels portal also provides “Amenities” search filter to find a weekly hotel that has expected amenities.
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