RedRiver Health and Wellness Center Provides Personalized Plans for Autoimmune Disease Patients

[UNITED STATES, 12/18/2017] – RedRiver Health and Wellness improves the quality of life of individuals with endocrine diseases. Its chiropractors offerindividualized care that complements the plans provided by the patients’ primary care specialist.

The medical center accommodatesvarious illnesses, such as adrenal and chronic fatigue. It also caters toautoimmune diseases, which, according toAmerican Autoimmune Related Disease Association (AARDA), are a major health problem in the US.

Rising Autoimmune Disease Cases

Shape Magazine claims that autoimmune disease cases are on the rise. Worldwide rates of rheumatic, endocrinological, gastrointestinal, and neurological autoimmune diseases are increasing by 4-7% each year.In the US, it has becomea major health problem, affectingabout 50 million people.

The country spends about $590 million on research on this matter. So far, current treatments can’t cure the diseases, but they can better manage the body’s overactive immune response.

Quality Care for Autoimmune Disease Patients

To manageautoimmunity, patients often undertakesymptom-based treatments. These target symptoms but ignorethe triggers. As a result, selected symptoms are reduced, but autoimmunity progresses.Patients, therefore, feel little to no improvement.

RedRiver Health and Wellness Center provides each patient with a personalized treatment plan that suitshis or hertriggers and symptoms. Its expertsidentify as manytriggers as possible and manage them to prevent flare-ups. Triggers may include insulin surges, hormonal imbalance, deficiency syndromes, dietary imbalances, and lifestyle traits.

Once the experts identify the specific triggers, they work with the patient’s primary care physician to keep them under control.This way, RedRiver Health and Wellness Centereases the symptoms ofautoimmune patients and elevate the quality of their lives.

About the Company

RedRiver Health and Wellness Center is a medical facility that focuses on the disorders of the endocrine system. It has five locationsin Scottsdale, AZ, Albuquerque, NM, South Jordan and St. George, UT, Henderson, NV, and Boise, ID.

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