Get In Shape For Women Helps Clients Reach Ideal Weight with Proper Diet, Food Portions

Experts say portion control is key to losing weight. Get in Shape for Women teaches women about proper nutrition and food portions, to help them reach their ideal weight.

[NATICK, 9/2/2018] – According to diet and nutrition experts, the secret to weight loss is simple: food control. Get In Shape For Women helps women looking to shed unwanted pounds reach their goals through a 7-Day Weight Loss Challenge that focuses on proper nutrition and food portions.

Portion Control is Key

Slowly reducing the size of meals can help individuals lose weight without disrupting their lifestyle. Moreover, portion control is comparably more sustainable than crash diets.

Many people know that eating too much is the culprit behind weight gain. A steady intake of large portions, for example, translates into too many calories headed straight for the hips and thighs, among other sections.

While people are aware of the reason they are gaining weight, habit can make it difficult to fix the problem.

Experts say that eating the right food in small portions can help curb the appetite. When eating right-sized portions, however, time, knowledge, awareness, and constant vigilance are important.

Teaching Proper Nutrition, Portion Control

Get In Shape For Women introduces their 7-Day Weight Loss Challenge, where women can learn about portion control and eating the right food, and how these are important in achieving the kind of figure they covet. The challenge involves choosing organic meals and snacks for the entire seven-day period and following a personalized workout program.

Proper nutrition and exercise are just two parts of their unique program. As an organization that understands that women’s bodies work differently, they have fortified their program by integrating other elements. They came up with a weight loss plan that integrates the four key components of fitness, which are weight training, cardio, nutrition, and accountability.

About Get In Shape For Women

Get In Shape For Women provides personal training in small groups to help empower women to live a healthier lifestyle and transform into the body they covet. The organization provides various tools that assist their clients’ goals of a complete body transformation. This includes programs that integrate cardiovascular training, muscle training, and nutrition lessons. They ensure the sustainability of the program by helping develop a sense of commitment and accountability in their clients.

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