Notion Press publishes Anuj Lal’s bilingual poetry book ‘Pickles’

25th January, Delhi: Anu jLal, in association with India’s fastest growing self-publishing company Notion Press, has launched a heart-touching poetry book Pickles.The book is a collection of many heart-warming poems that deal with the multiple emotions of human life.

Pickles, like its namesake,is an explosion of different flavours such as sour, bitter,spicy, tangy, juicy, etc. With that in mind, the author has beautifully woven his poems without restricting himself to a particular theme or topic. To express the various emotions perfectly, the author has written his poetry in both Hindi and English.

Speaking about the book, the author Anuj Lal said, “In this book, I did not follow any particular theme, inspiration or language as I wanted the poems to be very original, touching and from the heart. I have focused on emotion more than anything else because I believe any poem should be genuine and it should touch the readers. I think of this book as EMOTIONAACHAAR – a blend of emotion and pickles (aachaar).I hope this book will move its readers, just like it moved me.’’

Published by Notion Press, Pickles is currently available on Notion Press, Amazon and other e-commerce sites.

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