Use Natural Flow’s Eco-friendly Filtration Process to Treat Your Wastewater

In New Zealand, as with many other parts of the world, the perception of wastewater is changing to the concept of ‘resource’ rather than ‘waste’. With water becoming scarce in several countries, people are looking for treatment systems that help them reuse their wastewater and reduce water consumption from natural sources.

[MAUNGATUROTO, 22/1/2018] – The increase of wastewater due to the rapid rise of global industrialisation and urbanisation has contributed to a decrease in the quality of natural water sources and increased scarcity. This scarcity is increasing the demand for wastewater treatment systems that remove contaminants to make wastewater suitable for re-use.

Natural Water Sources

Natural sources of freshwater and saltwater are polluted every day by untreated wastewater. According to the US Environment Protection Agency, worldwide, almost 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated residential, commercial and industrial wastewater is dumped into the ocean every year, or around 3.28 billion gallons per day. Not only does this damage the marine ecosystem, it creates serious health hazards for humans as well.

Increasingly, people are looking for eco-friendly ways to treat their wastewater to lower their water bill and contribute to saving marine and freshwater ecosystems. Large-scale wastewater infrastructure with a water treatment system is often an expensive and high maintenance way of re-introducing contaminated water sources back to the consumer, be they residential, commercial or industrial. However, utilizing natural methods of water treatment offer an alternative, more eco-friendly way.

Eco-friendly Wastewater Treatment System

Natural Flow offers power-free wastewater treatment systems that require 75 per cent less maintenance than regular treatment systems. They are cost-effective throughout their long service life and are easy to install. Natural Flow’s treatment systems mimic the Earth’s natural process by using vermiculture to filter both black and grey water.

The grey water can then be reused to water plants, clean bathrooms and even top-up swimming pools. By using a wastewater treatment system by Natural Flow, property owners treat their wastewater the natural way.

About Natural Flow

Natural Flow was established to create living environments where wastewater is safely re-used or returned to nature’s ecosystem. They have over forty years of hands-on experience in the construction industry providing reliable eco-friendly wastewater treatment systems. Natural Flow continues to be New Zealand’s most progressive supplier of wastewater systems.

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