Hascall Steel Enhances Capability to Process Steel of Varying Grades

As steel application varies according to the industry, so does steel grade. Hascall Steel enhances its capability to process steel of varying grades to ensure positive outcomes for clients.

[GRANDVILLE, 1/19/2018] – Steel application varies across industries. Hence, there are also varying steel grades. Hascall Steel enhances their capability to process steel of varying grades, to help contractors and manufacturers save time and ensure positive outcomes for their project.

Varying Needs for Every Industry

Many activities and industries require steel in significant quantities. As applications vary, it is also important to use the correct steel hardness to achieve the best quality of the finished product.

Professionals measure steel grade on a Rockwell scale; the higher the Rockwell number, the harder the steel. Steel is categorized into four grades: Commercial, Drawing, Deep Drawing, and Extra Deep Drawing.

Commercial Steel, used mainly for flat applications, represents the most common quality of steel. Many products used in the furniture and automotive industry are derived from this commercial-grade steel. Drawing Steel, as the name suggests, has higher drawability compared to commercial grades. Users prefer this grade when they need a product requiring moderate bending or shaping.

Deep drawing steel, meanwhile, is reserved for fairly severe drawing applications, while the last of the four common steel grades is for really severe drawing applications.

Improving Steel Processes for Different Steel Grades

Hascall Steel enhances steel processing for its clients by handling the entire procedure in its in-house laboratory. The company’s employees determine the Rockwell, tensile, yield, and elongation (TYE), to obtain data that will allow them to confirm grade requirements against the purchase order documents at hand.

Having an in-house lab allows the company to process different steel grades as well as cater to demanding or unusual client specifications. This saves clients from any disruption that may arise from having to seek a subcontractor or another service provider that can deliver according to the requirements of the project.

About Hascall Steel Company

Hascall Steel Company has been setting the standard in the steel processing industry for almost five decades. They cater to an extensive range of applications including blanked, slit, sheared, and reduced. They have become a preferred steel processing company because of their ability to process steel of varying grades.

To learn more about the US steel service center, visit http://www.hascallsteel.com.

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