Testone offer Heat Gradient Tester & Melt Flow Rate Tester – Film/Plastic Testing Machine

Testone, the professional testing equipment manufacturer in South Korea since 2011. We offer various testing instruments and supply records mainly to universities in Korea and big Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, LS, Hyundai, TUV Korea, etc.
Heat Gradient Tester
Model Name: TO-740
Application Field
Various films and flexible wrappers
Standard – ASTM F88
Product Description
This tester is a device to check the status of heat seal. Five hotplates of a certain specified size press the film with an arbitrary temperature and pressure. The state of seal and the adhesive strength is different, because slopes are given to the temperature of each hotplate. The intensity of five specimens can be accurately compared by using Universal Testing Machine or a peel tester. The data shown here are reflected in product development or production processes.
• Temp. Range – RT ~ 300℃ (control of the each channel) (PID Controller)
• Temp. Accuracy – ±0.1 at 100℃
• Test Channel – 10×25.4 mm (5ea) SKD Heat treated steel
• Pressure – Max. 10kgf (controllable)
• Timer – 4 Digit Display
• Heater – Incoloy Heater
• Dimensions – Approx. 800×500×600 mm
• Power – 220V, 50/60HZ
• Option – Bar Type Head
Melt Flow Rate Tester
Model Name: TO-330
Application Field
Plastic Raw Materials
Standard – ASTM D 1238, KS M 3070
Product Description
• When thermoplastics are ejected or compressed, the liquidity, in other words, the melt index (Melt Flow Rate) is very important data of physical property. Therefore, the value is measured.
• After the sample is extrude in a space by a prescribed standard (cylinder) with prescribed load (weight) and the temperature by each sample, the weight of the extruded resin for 10 minutes (g/10min) is measured.
• Manual system / Semi-automatic system (Option)
• Melt mass flow (MFR) / Melt volume flow (MVR)
• Temp. Controller – Digital P.I.D Controller
• Temp. Range – RT ~ 350℃
• Orifice – Ø2.095 ±0.005mm
• Cylinder – 160mm/9.550 ±0.007mm
• Piston Head – 9.474 ± 0.007mm
• Weight – 5EA
• POWER – 220V 50/60HZ
• Dimensions – 600×400×600mm (W×D×H)
• Net Weight – 40kg
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