Saracens Solicitors: for when your relationship breaks down

[MARBLE ARCH, 17/01/2018] – When a marriage ends, what are the options? Do the couple go straight out and consult a divorce solicitor? Do they petition the court and get the ball rolling for the legal dissolution of the marriage contract? Are there other avenues available to them?

Who are Saracens Solicitors?

Saracens Solicitors in London have acted as a divorce solicitor for over a decade and have expertise in many different areas of family law. Saracens Solicitors are well-versed on advising couples on how to proceed with their separation.

First steps when consulting a divorce solicitor

In England and Wales, there must be grounds for divorce. As a divorce solicitor, Saracens Solicitors can advise that these are: Adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion for more than two years, separation for more than two years with both parties agreeing to divorce or separation for more than five years – only one party needs to apply.

Ask a divorce solicitor: what is judicial separation?

As a divorce solicitor, Saracens Solicitors can advise that going through the full court proceedings isn’t the only option. A judicial separation recognises that a relationship has ended, but it doesn’t dissolve the marriage. Assets can still be divided, and it doesn’t give the partners the right to inherit from each other. It can be quicker than going through full divorce proceedings and there is no need for lawyers such as Saracens Solicitors to show that the relationship has irretrievably broken down.

What to share with a divorce solicitor

Saracens Solicitors know that every one of their cases as a divorce solicitor is personal and unique: they tailor their advice to the specifics of each case and in acting as a divorce solicitor, there are many aspects Saracens Solicitors take into consideration:

● Have the couple been living apart and for how long?

● Do they have children under 18?

● Do any other family members act as guardians or caregivers for the children, such as grandparents?

● Do they share a home or other financial assets?

● Are they on good terms or in dispute?

● Is there any evidence of domestic violence?

Saracens Solicitors use all this information to support their divorce solicitor clients to find the separation option that is right for them.

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