Can visiting a Dentist for Nervous Patients actually be enjoyable?

Although most people think dentistry can never be enjoyable, at Care Dental Platinum, the team disagrees, and they strive to be the go-to dentist for nervous patients in London.

[LONDON, 16/1/2018] – When people need a dentist for nervous patients, there are several things they want to know. Can dental treatments with practices such as Care Dental Platinum be pain-free? Can Care Dental Platinum, as a dentist for nervous patients, understand why they are scared? People develop dental phobias for many reasons, and Care Dental Platinum appreciates that understanding why someone is scared is an important part of being a dentist for nervous patients. A good dentist for nervous patients makes finding out the ins and outs of someone’s anxiety a priority, which is what happens as Care Dental Platinum.

Enjoyable Dental Treatment
Care Dental Platinum makes being a dentist for nervous patients its raison d’être. At the core of the focus on being a dentist for nervous patients is the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™, a whole-experience, holistic approach to dentistry that can change the way patients feel about their dental treatment.

Coming to a dentist for nervous patients such as Care Dental Platinum means that efforts to calm anxious patients start as soon as they make contact, whether it’s simply by looking at the website, or calling for an appointment, the initial friendly welcome is the first vital part of the process. Staff at Care Dental Platinum are trained to be warm and welcoming and good at listening, as well as delivering important information in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Many practices that consider themselves to be a dentist for nervous patients offer oral or intravenous sedation as an extra for treatments such as dental implant surgery. If money is tight, to have to also pay for sedation can be the deciding factor in not having treatment. That’s why at Care Dental Platinum, nitrous oxide (also known as gas and air) is complimentary with every treatment.

Sedation helps, but another part of being a dentist for nervous patients is offering other methods for getting patients into a state of tranquillity. At Care Dental Platinum, hypnotherapy also plays an important role in relaxing patients.

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