Quality PET Strappings from Packline Solutions

Victoria-based packaging company Packline Solutions offers high-quality PET strappings and tools. PET, or polyester, is a durable, cost-effective strapping solution ideal for palletised or unitised loads.

[CASTLEMAINE, 15/1/2018] – Packline Solutions, a Victoria-based business specialising in freight packaging solutions, offers a range of polyester (PET) strapping products and tools. PET is an economical, cost-effective option ideal for securing palletised or unitised loads.

DURA-GRIP Strapping

Packline Solution’s DURA-GRIP brand of PET strapping offers excellent elongation and recovery, making it a more durable and reliable option compared to other plastic strapping materials. Since it stretches and elongates with ease, the straps create a tight, snug fit throughout. The material has high-retained tension, which means that it can readily absorb impact without breaking.

PET is highly weather-resistant and will not rust or rot when exposed to heat and moisture. The material is also resistant to chemicals and is widely considered as strong as steel in terms of its ability to support and secure freight.

Despite its durability and strength, PET is remarkably lightweight and portable. DURA-GRIP strappings are also safe for both users and receivers. Their rounded edges will not scratch or damage products and minimise the risk of injury while packing or unpacking freight.

A Range of Products

Packline Solutions’ DURA-GRIP is available in a range of sizes and widths. The brand’s PET strappings can be either smooth or embossed, and range from a length of 600 metres to 1900 metres per roll. Packline also offers strapping dispensers, hand tools and a range of other products that are compatible with all of their PET strappings.

The company offers several jaw sealer tools, which are optimised for use with DURA-GRIP serrated seals to secure packages with ease.

Packline Solutions’ DURA-GRIP PET strappings are durable, versatile and cost-effective solutions for virtually any transport or packing industry.

About Packline Solutions

Packline Solutions was founded in 2004 with the goal of delivering an outstanding level of customer service, backed by excellent packaging solutions. The company works through its own distributor network to supply a vast range of high-quality products.

To place orders, you can locate a https://www.packline.com.au near you.

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