Researchers discovered that a trace of alcohol in the system greatly raises the driver’s risk of a road accident. Individuals who need help with their DUI charge can turn to Matthew Jube, Attorney at Law.

[PROVO, 1/12/2017] — University of California researchers revealed a startling finding regarding drunk drivers. They found that a trace of alcohol enough to give drivers a “buzz” significantly boosts the likelihood of a vehicular accident.

Buzzed Drivers More Likely to Violate Traffic Laws

The law considers drivers as “drunk enough to be dangerous” if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08 percent or above. The University of California study, however, looked at 1.5 million deadly drunk driving accidents and found that even 0.01 percent BAC is enough to raise the chances of a fatal accident. This tiny percentage is equivalent to less than half a beer.

Sociologist and study author David Phillips remarked that buzzed drivers are more inclined to break traffic laws. Phillips said that these drivers are less likely to wear a seat belt, more likely to collide with another vehicle, and are more likely to break the speed limit.

Assisting Individuals with DUI Charges

People found to be driving under the influence (DUI) by the authorities must not take this issue for granted. Instead, they should turn to Matthew Jube, Attorney at Law to take care of the matter as soon as possible. The law firm represents clients with DUI charges in court and provides them an opportunity to clear their names.

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