Home burglary in Sydney continues to alarm authorities, especially in certain suburbs. Homeowners turn to King Security Doors’ range of KingSafe doors to safeguard their homes from potential intruders.

[MINTO, 12/1/2018] – Home burglary is a growing problem in Sydney. According to a report from NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, the risk of becoming a victim of burglary varies depending on the suburb and its liveability rate.

Based on a “Liveable Sydney Study” by Deloitte Access Economics and Tract Consultants, a suburban area with a high liveability is more likely to have a high crime rate. Eight out of ten suburbs in Sydney with high crime rates have a liveability score higher than average. Some of the areas in Sydney with the highest crime rates are its central business district, The Rocks, Potts Point and Haymarket.

Home Burglary Rate in Sydney Suburbs

Most highly liveable suburbs in Sydney are located in the inner city, with many shopping centres, restaurants and public transport stations. They also have higher road congestion rates than suburbs located far from the city. Having both a high crime rate and high road congestion rate are factors associated with high liveability in some cases, as stated by Georgia Sedgmen, Tract Consultants senior town planner.

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research stated that highly liveable suburbs in Sydney include property offences such as motor vehicle theft and home burglary. The NSW police’s database of criminal records showed that there were 4,258 cases of breaking in a home for December 2015 alone. They also stated that property-related crime increases by 4.6% over the holiday period in December.

Homeowners in high-risk areas are advised to take extra precaution and measure to equip their homes with adequate security features. One example is a high-grade door that protects against unwanted entry.

Securing Homes with Kings Security Doors

Kings Security Doors offers superior KingSafe security doors with a built-in 316 marine grade steel security mesh. The mesh enhances the door’s durability and does not obstruct the outside view. The doors feature welded pin hinges attached to a steel frame along with a heavy-duty Lockwood or Jackson mortise lock to provide homes with the ultimate security strength.

The doors are available in powder-coated colour finishes that help match its frame to a home’s exterior design for maximum visual effect.

About Kings Security Doors

Kings Security Doors is a leading provider of heavy-duty security screen doors in Sydney and Melbourne. The company has manufactured and supplied security doors to over 40,000 Sydney residents. They also offer maintenance services to ensure their doors last a lifetime.

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