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League City, Texas – As a part of their ongoing consumer awareness drive, Ultra Garage Doors Repair from League City, Texas recently started offering free garage door opener buying and maintenance tips. The official website of the garage door repair League City TX mentioned that the new garage door owners can get free information and advice on garage door opener buying and maintenance from their experts. The owners also mentioned at a press conference that their experts are ready to dole out useful advices on garage door opener buying over the phone and via Skype.

“There are three different types of garage door openers currently available in the market. These are namely chain drive garage door openers, belt drive garage door openers and screw driver garage door openers. Each of these garage door openers has its own set of pros and cons. However, new garage door owners who are not very savvy about the technical aspects of garage door maintenance often get confused over which type of garage door opener to choose. For them, we are now offering free advices through our Facebook page, Skype and over the phone”, said an executive of the garage door repair League City service provider.

“There are many people in Alvin and nearby cities who are not aware that horsepower and safety system are the two important factors to consider while buying garage door openers. As a result, they often end up buying the wrong garage door openers. Buying garage door openers is the less tricky part, while the more challenging part is to properly maintain these garage door openers. Thanks to our expert technicians who are now available round the clock, we can now help the garage owners take the right decisions”, added the executive.

According to the executive, what kind of motor a garage door opener comes with, the type of remote controls and warranty are some of the other important factors to consider before purchasing garage door opener.

The CEO and managing director of the garage door repairs League City service provider said, “We are giving out free information so that our customers do not end up buying the wrong products”.

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Ultra Garage Doors Repair is a highly rated garage door repair service provider in League City, Texas.

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