Market Highlights:
Electro optic modulator (EOM) is an optical device in which a signal controlled element exhibiting the electro optic effect is used to modulate the beam of light. The modulation can be imposed on phase, frequency, amplitude or polarization of the beam. High end electronic devices are one of the major application areas of electro-optic modulators. Modulating the power of a laser beam as well as frequency stabilization of laser are some of the major applications of electro-optic modulators market.

Gooch & Housego PLC (U.K) a global leader in photonics technology launched visible wavelength fiber coupled Acousto – Optic Modulator for using in pulsed fiber laser amplifier systems, giving optimum performance in a range of demanding applications including material processing and sensing.

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Major Key Players:
• Thorlabs Inc (U.S.)
• Conoptics Inc (U.S.)
• QUBIG GmbH (Germany)
• GLEAM Optics (Canada)
• Inrad Optics Inc (U.S.)
• Newport Corporation (U.S.)
• Photon LaserOptik GmbH (Germany)
• Gooch & Housego PLC (U.K)
• APE Angewandte Physik und Elektronik GmbH (Germany)
• Brimrose Corporation of America (U.S.)