Surya Hospitals’ initiative aims to identify preventive diseases and guide young students towards a healthy lifestyle.
Surya Hospitals, the biggest paediatric setup and one of the most renowned women and child hospitals in India, recently performed their 1 lakhth health check-up through their Annual School Health Check-up Programme. Launched in July 2016, this programme was established as a strategic way to prevent important health risks among children and adolescents.

This initiative promotes the necessary changes in behaviour to bring about a positive impact on the lives of school children. The paediatric hospital has tied up with 70 Mumbai and Pune private schools that include CNM, Sadhana Education Society, J. V. Parekh, SVKM, Podar, and many other well-known names in the education industry for the endeavour.

The examinations are performed twice a year by a panel that includes a paediatrician, paediatric dentist, paediatric ophthalmologist, paediatric ENT specialist, and a child psychologist. “It is an admitted fact that the children are the future of the nation. If they are healthy, the nation is bound to be strong. At Surya Hospitals, our motto is to secure good and positive health for the young buds who will one day support our nation,” says Dr. Bhupendra Avasthi, founder and MD of Surya Hospitals.

He continued, “Both, WHO and the Indian government have emphasized the importance of medical check-ups of primary and secondary school children. We felt the need for introducing school health services as they can help in keeping a close watch on the health of school-going children.”

In a typical case, the team of doctors reviews the child’s vital signs such as blood pressure, growth measurements, and parameters like height, weight, and body mass index. Physical and mental health are also reviewed along with the child’s progress in school.

The medical record of each child is digitized and made available to their parents, family doctor, and school administration in the form of a growth chart and health record. The hospital routinely conducts health awareness seminars and first-aid training for students, parents, and teachers.

“After the medical check-up, we provide a descriptive report for individual students. We then make follow-up calls to ensure that required steps have been taken to ensure that child remains healthy,” added Dr. Avasthi, “These services are offered at a nominal price; hence they can be availed by students coming from varied backgrounds.”
This initiative by Surya Hospitals envisions to ensure positive health for all children regardless of their socioeconomic strata. “We have also adopted a few municipal schools and the standard of healthcare given to them is on par with that of the private schools.”

Most parents don’t opt for preventive health check-ups for their children because of time constraints and lack of awareness. As a result, many diseases that can be prevented are ignored. According to Global School-based Student Health Survey, approx. 10.8% of students aged between 13-15 are overweight and 4.4% of them don’t brush regularly.
Surya Hospital’s initiative creates awareness and makes it easily accessible by conducting check-ups at the school itself. “Proper nutrition, activity, and immunization helps kids avoid common and potentially severe illnesses. Risk of many diseases — including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease – can be lessened or avoided with simple evaluation, guidance, and support,” says Dr. Khushal Avasthi, Paediatrician at Surya Hospital who has been managing the programme since its inception.

When asked about the future plans for the Annual Health Check-Up Programme, Dr. Khushal replied, “Our mission is to reach every corner of the country and provide each child with comprehensive and positive health.”

About Surya Hospitals:
Surya Hospitals have been a pioneer in offering modern healthcare services for women and children in India since 1985. Over the last three decades, they have regularly embraced the latest advancements in medical science and introduced cutting-edge medical technology to offer best-in-class clinical outcomes and patient experiences.