3D printing markets have not just reached to the sky but have created new horizons in the industry. The number of 3D printing projections is continuously increasing along with the number of people engaging themselves in the actual operations. 3D printing market growth is stupendously unending! According to the 3D printing market global forecast, by 2020, we shall have reached about $20.5 billion of projections of 3D printings.

Just when you think you have seen and heard everything that there is, outcomes technology with a resounding whack to your notions! Welcome the new kid on the print block: 3D printing technology or AM ( Additive Manufacturing Technology ).

Akin to the internet revolution in the late 80s which practically connected the world through the information superway, 3D printing too has arrived and is here to change the way we perceive and build things in 2017 AD.

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How does it work?
Just give the 3D printer a blueprint and give it the necessary material and the output and is what is makes every conceivable industry right from construction, manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, medical to rub their hands in collective glee which comes from realising sharp fall in manufacturing & labour costs, elimination of wastage and greater efficiency.

Yes, today 3D printing is used in most major industrial and research applications right from designing, prototyping to making things like prosthetic limbs & artificial organs to even actually printing out an entire building like they have recently done in China. The sheer versatility of use of 3D printing is staggering to say the least.

An online article which appeared in 2015, predicted the year 2017 would be when 3D printing technology would gain momentum.

These prognostications were strongly based on the fact that major players in the market like HP had announced the launch of their revolutionary multi-jet fusion technology. This technology was aimed typically at applications and processes used in both small and big industries.

The article then goes on to explain how HP will provide the impetus for exponential change as their close competitors – 3D Systems and Stratasys would counter strategize through 3D Carbon Technology, HSS Technology and the like which would d encompass diverse application in the hope of emerging the market leader.

Competition invariably leads to innovation and this is precisely what we see unfold in the year 2017, as correctly predicted by the market pundits. 3D printing market growth just goes to the next best level!

So has the promise come through?
The forecast of $20.5 Billion by the year 2020 is based on the growing demand for 3D technology to aid industries in cutting production time considerably. A shorter product manufacturing to market time would add value immensely and most importantly, could well decide who runs the show for a particular industry. 3D printing does seem to be intent on making the 2020 projections true. In this year alone, two significant contributions have paved the way for newer technologies to be unleashed. Mclaren Racing has embraced Stratasys 3D printing which enables them to produce ready to use MCL32 in formula 1 racing. New Zealand has blasted a 3D printed rocket off in space in May 2017, while MIT claims that its giant 3D printer can actually print a building in 14 hours flat. So, it is quite apparent that in 2017, 3D printing is poised to revolutionize just about everything from a pin to a rocket ship.

In the words of Professor John Bryson, Professor of Enterprise and competitiveness at the University of Birmingham. “In 10 years time, who knows what the printer will look like. It is already capable of self-replication – you can buy a 3d printing machine that can print another 3d printing machine.” He also asserts, “It’s sci-fi hitting the real world economy.”

There is no looking back for 3D printing industry’s growth opportunities. 3D printing industries are just about to break all the limits of human enterprise and endeavor and boldly print what no man had printed before!

Source: http://www.globmarketresearch.com/3d-printing-markets-growth-opportunities-2017.html

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