Düsseldorf has globally high reputation as a medical location with around 2000 doctors and many hospitals. According to this international medical tourists come to Düsseldorf to make use of high-end medical services. “Medical tourists are attractive but demanding. Next to top medical quality doctors are asked to understand their cultural demands and to offer services meeting their wishes. It begins with opening hours and extend to language capabilities”, Dr. Adrian Flohr says. The gynecologist is managing director of Medplus Nordrhein (www.medplus-nordrhein.de), a multi-disciplinary medical network with doctors from many medical professions, therapists, diabetes and food advisors in Düsseldorf and Krefeld. Medplus Nordrhein focuses on cross-linking all medical competences and services, experts are working closely together as a health partner at the patients” side.

“That goes for international patients, too, who visit our center on a regular basis for multidisciplinary treatment. Especially patients from Russia, the former CIS-countries and from the Arabian countries asked for advice and treatment.” Some Doctors and assistants are fluent in Russian, communication in English is a standard. “According to this we can realize the whole process from international agreements on appointments to the discussion of treatment results in several languages. Our international patients appreciate that”, Dr. Adrian Flohr states.

Diabetologist Dr. Jolanda Schottenfeld-Naor points out that among other services international patients asked especially for check-up treatments. Medplus Nordrhein doctors focus on early diagnosis, prevention and interdisciplinary examination concepts. “Check-ups are becoming more and more important. As a medical network we conduct coherent treatments from all relevant professions to achieve a full picture of the patient”s health status.” Dr. Jolanda Schottenfeld-Naor runs a focused diabetes surgery and is consulted for check-ups with diabetes connection and offers diagnosis, advisory and therapy for all forms of diabetes, adiposity, arterial hypertonia, lipid metabolic disorders and all accompanying and secondary disorders.

Cardiologist Dr. Avner Horowitz says that all doctors work hand in hand and that the offices build a “small hospital”. “Thanks to our specialized network we can answer to our patients needs. So our check-up treatment always is a full service measure. We stand for close and quick communication and consecutive medical actions. That is a benefit for patients coming to Düsseldorf for treatment and advice. They get all relevant examinations and results in a brief span and can go home with package of measures to better their health or strengthen their health level.”

And eye doctor Dr. Oded Horowitz refers to the long opening hours. As a center the surgery for internal and general medicine and diabetology opens on Mondays and Thursdays from 8 to 6pm, on Tuesdays from 8 to 7pm, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 to 4pm and on Saturdays from 8 to 12am. “Our patients get more flexibility and can plan their schedule more individually. At the same time the long working hours enables all doctors to communicate very closely in the patient”s sense.”