Shock Mount Packaging Market Size to Grow at a Steady Rate During Forecast Period 2017 – 2025

The shock mount packaging is one of the safest and preferred forms of packaging for highly delicate items such as the chemical compounds or electronic equipment. The shock mount packaging offers the customers a varied range of packaging options. These packaging options contain in-built shock absorption mechanisms, which protect the products or contents kept inside from various external factors such as the effects of noise, shock as well as vibrations. The shock mount packaging also protects the contents from dust, humidity as well as moisture. Aircraft, conveyors, railroads, and trucks create the transportation vibrations that can damage many products, which can be protected with the help of the shock mount packaging. The attributes of a good shock mount packaging systems are their abilities to store or retain the energy generated during the shock episode and a slow release of this energy later.

Shock Mount Packaging Market: Market Dynamics

The increasing need for specific packaging equipped with dedicated mounts for a shock as well as vibration isolation is fueling the growth of the shock mount packaging market. The growing demand for packaging solutions while transportation of delicate and fragile products is also contributing to the growth of the shock mount packaging market. The need to transport highly sensitive products in a controlled environment to reduce the risk of jeopardizing is also driving the market growth. The increasing purchase of products from e-commerce websites coupled with the 3PL logistic services is also a driving factor. However, the high initial cost of investment is a restraining factor for the growth of the shock mount packaging market.

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The increasing export and import of the items that are more susceptible to the damage or breaking during the transit, is widening the scope of the shock mount packaging market. The transport of unstable chemicals for various research and development processes is also creating opportunities for growth of its market. One of the prominent trends in the global shock mount packaging market is the availability of customization as per the specific needs of the customer. Another trend is the inclusion of IoT (Internet of Things) devices to judge the state of the product kept inside the shock mount packaging.

Shock Mount Packaging Market: Market Segmentation

The global shock mount packaging market can be segmented on the basis of end-use industries:

Life Sciences
Bio-pharmaceutical Products
Transportation Services

It can also be segmented on the basis of material used for the manufacture of shock mount:


Shock Mount Packaging Market: Segmentation Overview

The shock mount packaging solutions that use shock mounts made up of rubber can be further segmented into natural and synthetic rubber. Such mounts are ideal for aerospace, marine, military and naval packaging applications. Another higher versions of shock mounts are made up of poly-butadiene, nitrile rubber, and highly damped silicone. The shock protection demands a different approach to the vibration isolation. The shock mount packaging is of great importance in the transport services as it is common for any transport package to get impacted, dropped or kicked during the transportation process.

Shock Mount Packaging Market: Regional Outlook

The global shock mount packaging market geographically is segmented as North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. North America and Europe hold a significant market share of shock mount packaging market owing to the fully developed packaging technologies. Furthermore, the increase in R & D activities related to aerospace and automobiles, wherein shock mount packaging are useful for safe transportation of components, aids in boosting the growth of shock mount packaging market in the region. The market in the APEJ region is more inclined towards the growing demand for shock mount packaging because of the increasing demand for advanced packaging solutions.

Shock Mount Packaging Market: Recent Developments

Pack-All International uses impact indicators, such as the shock watch, which alerts all the intermediaries involved with the package handling process. The alert is usually about the necessity of extra care. The device is usually mounted on the container but it can also be mounted directly over the product inside to determine either the damage or the extent of the damage caused to the product. The device automatically gets activated when the level of impact over the product exceeds a certain level, which is also predetermined. Manufacturers such as Roddy Products Packaging Company offer the cushioning services along with the shock mounting packaging services for an added protection of the product.

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Shock Mount Packaging Market: Prominent Players

Some of the prominent players in the global shock mount packaging market are:

Pack-All International
Stop-choc Limited
Larson Packaging Company, LLC.
Roddy Products Packaging Company
Goodwin Robbins Packaging Company, Inc.
Paulstra SNC
Polymax Ltd.
LORD Corporation
Advanced Antivibration Components
Glenair, Inc.
Rycote Microphone Windshields Ltd.

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