Selling a house is tougher than buying one. The formalities to observe while selling a house are more. The first thing you have to do is to know the price your house can fetch. There is no fixed price as such. However, there is a guideline value for your house depending on the street and locality. The amenities have a say in the price. If your house is easily accessible to the major facilities like airports, railway stations, and commercial malls, the house has a higher value.

Your Roseville remax realtor can prepare the CMA report for your property. All you have to do is to provide details of your property to the realtor expert. You should also share information about the renovations you have done to your house. These play a great role in determining the value of the house. The CMA report contains the prices the nearby houses in your area can fetch. The value has great importance in the sense that it provides you with a base figure below which you need not go. This figure is also a signal to the purchaser not to pay more than what is mentioned in the CMA report.

The purchaser might insist on procuring the NOC from the utility providers that there are no pending dues from the seller. The realtor can help procure this report for you from the respective authorities. The CMA report contains information about the encumbrances on the house. Hence, the purchaser gets an idea about the mortgages you have to clear before getting the right to sell the house.

The realtor does the marketing for you by uploading the particulars on the website. He explores other avenues such as email marketing by posting mailers to all prospective buyers. The realtor has a network of people who assist him in procuring the right kind of client for your house.

Once the sale is over, the realtor can help you with the tax liabilities that accrue. These are the additional services provided by him. Visit

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