Parampara-An ode to Antique Jewellery

When it comes to fashion and being in the ‘wow’ league, one has to not only be attired in their elegant best but also should sport jewellery that goes with the occasion.

There has been a tremendous interest in recent times with regard to jewellery style statements that are interlaced with history and legacy like Bahubaali. Now Antique jewellery is back as the new trend.

In a significant development, the customers are gradually inching towards tradition inspired styles. In fact, there is a big revival of traditional craft.

To keep pace with these changes in preferences, Srikrishna Jewellers (Banjara Hills) takes delight in announcing that it is ready to showcase a unique collection – Parampara, an ode to Antique Jewellery. This is a tribute to the intricate workmanship that goes behind each product.

This collection is for people who seek art, beauty, and creativity in everything and hope to add to their individual collection.

For an entity that gets inspired by the tastes of the customers, Srikrishna Jewllers is offering vibrant signature pieces that derive inspiration from the treasure trove of Indian heritage and established parampara.

Thanking You

Akhilesh Agarwal
Manufacturing Director , Srikrishna Jeweler’s

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