ICPA Health Products Ltd. launches a kit dedicated to bad breath prevention

Mumbai, November, 15, 2017,
ICPA Health Products Ltd., a Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company has recently launched Halyx Fresh Breath Kit. This is the first kit to ever be introduced in the Indian market for bad breath prevention. To help those who suffer from bad breath or halitosis, Halyx Kit contains all the products that will prevent bad breath.

ICPA is a pharmaceutical company which is a leader in oral health care. It also has specialized herbal and cosmetic products under its umbrella. The company has an ISO 9001:2000 and a WHO-GMP certification indicating their commitment to meet or exceed established guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality, purity, efficacy, and safety.

It is said that bad breath or halitosis is the third most common oral problem that people complain about to their dentists. Mrs. Hiral Chheda, Director of ICPA says, “Halyx Kit was designed with all scientific principles and ideal components that empower patients to comprehensively manage halitosis so that they can enjoy a long-lasting fresh breath.”

Halyx Fresh Breath Kit contains:
– Glosso Tongue Brush for cleaning bacteria and debris residing on the tongue;
– Halyx Ultra, an anti-bacterial mouthwash to eliminate bad breath causing bacteria;
– Wet Mouth, a saliva substitute for halitosis associated with dry mouth;
– Thermoseal Proxa Interdental Brush for cleaning the spaces between teeth; and
– Sugar-free Chewing Gums for promoting saliva secretion to avoid bad breath.

These products adhere to strict quality protocols and are manufactured with the highest safety and quality standards.

About ICPA:
ICPA is a pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai with “WHO-GMP” certified manufacturing facilities at Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Over the decades, ICPA has acquired a rich experience and expertise in its domain and caters to a vast number of customers across the world. The company operates throughout India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Yemen, Myanmar, Middle East, African Nations, CIS countries, Malaysia and is continually expanding to new global markets.