November 2017:Winter brings with it cool breeze, cozy dressing and lazy mornings! To break the never ending laziness, Typhoo has a perfect morning remedy- a warm full-bodied cup of English Breakfast.

Savour the rich aromatic brew and make your mornings fresh and energising with Typhoo, the iconic British Tea brand’s English Breakfast Tea. Made from 100% natural components,thisblack brew isa classic blend of orthodox Assam and CTC leaves.

The English Breakfast tea is a traditionalBritish Tea famous for its rich taste, bright color and strong aroma. This malty, classic tea with neutral undertones is the perfect companion with breakfast and a refreshing delight to enjoy, any time of the day.

Crafted by Typhoo’sexpert tea blenders, English breakfast is high on antioxidants and is believed to energize both your brain and body. Give your day a punch of energy with this classic drink and stay fresh all day long.

With over 25 variants of assorted teas, Typhoo aims at bringing a new taste and flavor to its consumers, this classic brew is for the tea lovers who like their tea strong.Enjoy this tea with a little milk or sip it dark and savor into the delicate flavor anytime of the day.

MRP: 195 for pack of 25