Personal and business users now benefit from the latest enhancements to the free 2D/3D CAD suite.
Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY – 13 November 2017: Following the summer release of version 6.2 of its professional MEDUSA4 2D/3D mechanical CAD and design automation suite, CAD Schroer has now made the new version of its free MEDUSA4 Personal software available for download.
Free 2D / 3D CAD Software
MEDUSA4 Personal has gained a strong reputation among hobbyists and model engineers, as well as professional design engineers, over the past few years. At home, people use the free CAD software for on non-commercial DIY projects, and for model engineering. Schools and universities increasingly use MEDUSA4 Personal as an introduction to CAD for the next generation of engineers. And thanks to CAD Schroer’s “pay per result” eSERVICES portal, even businesses can take advantage of MEDUSA4 Personal, simply by paying a small fee to convert viable results for commercial use.
Free 2D / 3D CAD Software Download:

MEDUSA4 Personal

Loading images with a transparent background
Thanks to the enhanced MEDUSA4 MEDRaster Colour Module supplied with MEDUSA4 Personal version 6.2, images with a transparent background can now be loaded into drawings and then edited. This gives better integration with other drawing content because the image background is no longer displayed. The supported image formats which offer transparency are PNG and TIF. The BMP and JPG formats are also supported.
CAD collaboration in the cloud
With MEDUSA4 Personal users can store design files directly in the cloud and retrieve them when required. If a cloud folder is shared with other users, they have immediate access to the data and can open the files and work on them. This leads to increased communication and faster collaboration between team members. MEDUSA4 Personal, offers direct integration with leading services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.
Free for Private Use, with Pay-Per-Result Portal for Commercial Applications
Personal, non-commercial use of MEDUSA4 Personal is completely free of charge. Those wishing to use the software for commercial purposes can do so on a pay-per-result basis. The CSG eSERVICES portal unlocks MEDUSA4 Personal drawings for unlimited commercial use. This means that businesses do not have to pay for the software, only for using commercially viable results.