Flat 55% Discount By iCustomBoxes on all Custom Boxes at Cyber Monday 2017

Icustomboxes launches their press release with paying awards to their regular customers
News being provided by the CEO of the company
November 14, 10:28 ET
According to the sources Icustomboxes are planning to commercialize their new launch of Google Cardboard VR glass as well as custom box wholesale for Cyber Monday 2017 and the customers are very excited about that. Icustomboxes has always focused on the technology since they are the best in this field and by doing that they have helped small and medium business with CVR and VR Glasses. Icustomboxes are giving 55% flat discount on custom boxes on this Monday which they call as Cyber Monday 2017 .The news further said that Icustomboxes are planning to launch corrugated board VR glasses for multiple uses. A lot of change has been seen by Icustomboxes in the recent few years. Most of the companies are planning to sale quickly and get huge profits out of it since Google has released at a very cheap price. By this great invention of Icustomboxes all the small and medium sized businesses can increase their sales and make substantial profits by this invention, according to the CEO of Icustomboxes.
The invention is such a great achievement by Icustomboxes that it is being manufactured in very less time and delivered to overall market so that it meets the requirement of all the companies. The countries like China, India and the rest of the world has already manufactured similar VR glasses with no or little modifications in it and this is a clear evidence of success of Icustomboxes. It is the top priority of Icustomboxes to not only make the product according to the needs of the customers but also offer competitive rates and therefore they have come up with flat discount of 55% on custom boxes and will be celebrating Cyber Monday this year. Icustomboxes have maintained their tradition and like always they have also offered some of the drawings and templates to their customers immediately so that they don’t have to wait long for the innovative technology.
During the press release the production manager of Icustomboxes said that it has always been the top priority to ensure that we are focusing on the needs and wants of the customers and the price that we offer to them should be less from others with no compromise on our products, he further added that this Monday we will offer flat sale of 55% on custom boxes to make it a Cyber Monday. Icustomboxes is definitely a step forward to what the company is currently doing and this will enhance the creativity and understanding the needs of the customers better than others. It is to the credit of Icustomboxes that they have brought forward lots of innovations in their custom boxes and ensuring that they provide all the services to their customers in order maintain their position in the market. According to the sources the news was in the social media before it was on the website of Icustomboxes so don’t miss the coming Monday since it is a Cyber Monday where you will get straight 55 percent discount on custom boxes.
About Icustomboxes
Icustomboxes is a great name in the field of custom boxes as it has opened new doors for innovative custom boxes. According to Icustomboxes their 4 color digital and remarkable printing services allow their customers to grab quality packaging and as per their needs. The company can print anything from their variety of products for their valued customers and if it happens to be not according to your specification then we Icustomboxes will print the designs accordingly. The best thing about Icustomboxes is that you get the printed boxes on whole rate and you cannot ask for better rates than that. It is a matter of pride for us that we are assisting lots of business with our customized packaging and the results are exceptional. For our valued customers we have an ordered series of finished and odd variety for our customers and these products are worth noticing. These custom boxes supports green packaging since they are purely made from recycling material so to make them environment friendly.
Another product being offered by Icustomboxes is Custom Boxes which is for common use. These boxes can be easily found and can be customized creatively and according to the needs of the customers. Various decorating and styling ideas are offered by Icustomboxes in addition to the creativity of the structure of the boxes as to make them unique. We at Icustomboxes design the customized boxes with recyclable and smooth material which apparently seem to be very simple yet very attractive giving them a unique touch. Icustomboxes ensures that quality is not compromised at any stage therefore different steps are involved in finalizing the box like scanning, assembling, printing, die and cutting and for a great natural look each step needs full perfection and the margin of error is minimum. The customers for our customized packaged box are used across the world for different purposes and on top of it the most important feature of these customized boxes is that they fit for any product. At Icustomboxes not only high quality is ensured but as well as competitive rates are also made sure so that we not only attract new customers but at the same time our regular valued customers are also retained. We Icustomboxes manufacture our boxes at home in order to ensure that quality care is not compromised and the customer is being satisfied. The shipment and designing on all of our product is almost free of cost. We at Icustomboxes also have a custom box configurator that allows our customers to instantly configure the price of the product and also order custom cardboard boxes of their needs. Customer feedback is very important for us so that we should come up with even more innovative ideas and it help us to get better day by day.
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