Reasons on metal surface pretreatment of prepainted galvanized steel coil

In order to get good effect, it is primarily necessary to clean up surface no matter for any surface treatment process. Without being cleaned off, surface conversion coating will expose after surface treatment which will impact the performance of coating. Thus surface cleaning is the primary procedure of surface treatment process.
Surface treatment means to form a layer with a certain or various special characteristics in the surface via physical or chemical method so as to improve appearance, texture, function and other performances. CAMELSTEEL realizes that the surface pretreatment has two goals.
1.To ensure that coating film has good anti-corrosion performance and maintain good adhesive force between coating film and substrate surface. The oxide skin, rust, oil contamination, dust and old unsubstantial film in metal surface all impact the adhesive force between film and substrate surface.
2.To reduce the surface roughness of substrate and improve appearance quality of film.

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