This latest report analyses and synthesises the intellectual property (IP) of rapid manufacturing in the medical field, which consists of 3D printing

Inventions were analysed by region and main field they addressed, the results were synthesised, and a concise analysis of each invention/patent was added. The analysis details application focus, identified problems & needs, overall proposed solution and key elements for each invention/patent.

Results from the search show that the main application fields were in dental, followed by orthopedics and general medical. Other fields included tissue engineering, monitoring & diagnostic, data, CMF, hearing devices, spine, orthosis, cancer surgery and airway devices.

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This report features a synthesis of the IP landscape and a patent-by-patent analysis.

Typical uses of the report:

Based on the patent sample and your background, you can use the information as a starting point to:

– Understand what types of inventions are protected in which countries
– Deduce the gaps that exist and that your business could fill
– Tailor your R&D, innovation and M&A strategy to address unmet needs
– Understand the state-of-the-art of a specific innovation field quickly
– Decide whether it is worth researching a specific application
– Get an idea of how important specific countries have become in a certain field
– Use the IP landscape to better judge the competitive value of your innovation agenda
– Enlarge or shorten the sample of inventions included, for further analyses based on your needs

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