Definiens broadens Immuno-Oncology service Offer

Washington, D.C., November 08, 2017 – With the start of the
32nd Annual Meeting (November 8th-12th) of the Society for
Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) in National Harbor, MD,
Definiens, the leader in Tissue Phenomics® and provider of endto-
end solutions for biomarker programs in immuno-oncology,
unveils its game changing Immuno-Oncology Panel (IO-Panel)
as parts of its groundbreaking new “Insights”-Services
The IO-Panel is a first in class powerful tool in Definiens new portfolio of
modular services. The IO-Panel empowers pharmaceutical immunooncology
(IO) researchers to advance tissue-biomarker-dependent drug
development and to speed up transfer to clinical research. Future
advancements in immuno-oncology depend on broader use of
standardized biomarkers for multiple treatment programs.
“The IO-Panel helps to harmonize and standardize the understanding on
the entire cancer Immune-landscape through an extendable set of seven
core biomarkers in combination with Definiens” first in class Tissue-
Phonemics®-driven Image analysis services. It helps to remove
uncertainties and to accelerate that patients and healthcare systems
benefit faster from new precision therapies in immuno-oncology.”
comments Ralf Huss, Chief Medical Officer of Definiens.
Thomas Heydler, Chief Executive Officer of Definiens explains further:
“Definiens” tailored end-to-end solution allows drug researchers to
develop predictive multi-biomarkers based on a defined standard to derisk
trial investments as well as efforts. It will help to accelerate immunooncology
drug development and more effective clinical trials”.
The IO-Panel combines Definiens” leading digital image analysis
capabilities, powered by Tissue-Phenomics® technology and high-end
consulting services, delivered by a leading team of expert consultants.
Tissue-Phenomics® technology can quantify the relevant spatial relations
of different immuno and tumor cells within the context of the complete
tissue architecture and tumor heterogeneity. By correlating this
information with e.g. patient data, Definiens” experts generate biological
insights that are needed for true precision medicine.
The IO-Panel is available through Definiens” new and unique web-based
service platform known as “Insights”. It allows clients to easily access
Definiens” entire Services portfolio and acts as a central data repository
which supports the collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
in a regulatory compliant environment.
“Definiens” new modular service portfolio is a milestone for biomarkerdependent
drug development. Harmonizing biomarkers in pre-clinical and
clinical trial programs and adding multi-omics and treatment-data assures
data consistency and learnings across drug projects and indications. ”
adds Heinz Oehl, VP Global Marketing and Corporate Business
Development at Definiens.
Definiens once again proves to be a main engine of innovation in immunooncology
and a key partner with expertise to support tissue-based
oncology biomarker programs from start to finish.
Please attend at The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer’s (SITC) 2017
Pre-Conference “Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers: Today”s Imperatives for
Tomorrow”s Needs” in National Harbor, MD, our presentation “Multiplex
IHC Immuno-Oncology Panel for Standardized Profiling of the Immune
Status Based on Spatial and Functional Characterization of the Tumor
Microenvironment” on November 8, 2017 to learn more about the
comprehensive assessment of the immune status provided by Definiens”
IO Panel image and data analysis based on multiplex IHC assays provided
by Mosaic Laboratories, LLC., or visit us at the Definiens congress booth.

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