Deep Sea Tuna Charters in PEI

PEI Tuna Charters are located in North Lake, Prince Edward Island, just off the coast of Nova Scotia and are one of the busiest deep sea tuna charters anywhere in PEI!

David runs his tuna charter business out of North Lake, PEI each year taking avid sports fishermen and tourists alike to catch monster bluefin tuna. Anyone that is planning a trip to PEI this year don’t forget about deep sea tuna charters! This will be one of the most unforgettable experiences you will ever have! Any anglers or tourists who have caught a monster bluefin tuna say it is the most powerful fish on the planet!

Fishermen who come to the waters off North Lake PEI don’t really expect to catch a tuna weighing in excess of 900 pounds. Try battling one of these monster tuna for a few hours and it will amount to a bucket-list moment on the high seas for sure!

Tuna charter fishing in Prince Edward Island, Canada, is on the rise! What is the reason you ask? Well for over the past twenty years or so in PEI, there has been an influx of visitors and fishermen alike to this area of Atlantic Canada.

What they are after is the giant bluefin tuna of course. Any deep sea fishing charter company in PEI will tell you that the best way to preserve the tuna fishing industry is by regulating and monitoring the size of the catches.

If too many tuna are caught each year by commercial fishing boats, then that is over-fishing and no good for anyone, especially the fishing industry in PEI.

One such tuna fisherman in PEI, David Sansom of the Tide and Time Tuna Charters, practices a catch and release method of fishing for tuna.

He gets the tuna close to the tuna fishing boat, they weighs the tuna, and then releases it after many pictures are taken by his group fishing tour. We want to mention also that barb-less circle hooks are used to catch the bluefin tuna so as not to hurt or stress the fish. There are positive signs in the waters off PEI that the stocks are returning to normal.

This are of Prince Edward Island is well known as the “Tuna Capital of the World”. David Sansom knows that summer is a busy time in PEI mostly because of his deep sea tuna charter business just off North Lake.

Some of his tuna charter customers have caught tuna weighing over 1000 pounds or more! The Tide & Time Deep Sea Tuna Charter boat doesn’t really have to go far offshore to catch one of these huge Blue fins!

You can see the tuna jumping only about 20 minutes from the dock. Just watch the tourists and anglers alike scream with delight as the tuna begin to jump all around the boat. It’s just a matter of time before a tuna is landed. Each Deep Sea tuna charter in PEI comes with an experienced crew on each tuna charter. They are certainly able to make your tuna charter fishing experience a memorable one!

Here is what is included with each tuna charter:

8 hours on the water
Each charter takes 1-6 people onboard
Take a light lunch along with beverages and snacks
All the tackle, fishing rods, gear and bait are provided by the tuna charter boat

For more information on tuna charter fishing in PEI contact David Sansom of Tide & Time Charters at 902-393-8690 or email

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