GH-Bill Adult merchant account service

We are a top-performing online payment and credit card processing solution dedicated to helping you increase your sales of your products and services by facilitating the payment acceptance process. We understand the need for a secure, smooth and fast transaction process that is reliable for business. As most businesses are now online based and most prospects and customers can be found online, it simply means your business has to go to where your potential customers are. This is where GH-BILL comes in to help you collect payments for your services offers seamlessly.
GH-Bill has offered its merchant services to clients from a lot of different industries. We are the number one go-to- online payment service provider for many online adult entertainment sites. Secured and reliable services are a must have for a payment solution service provider whose client needs tightly-secured protocols and privacy.
GH-Bill is also one of the top players in European Payment Service and has made it easy for US and Canada based merchant services to follow suit. At, we provide solutions like:
– Merchant account services
– Credit card payment processing service
– High Risk merchant accounts
-Adult merchant account

Last year, 2016, we provided online payment solutions for more than 5000 websites globally and this 2017, we expect we will top that figure by a reasonable margin. We have provided credit card processing for online casino merchants, e-commerce businesses, off shore accounts, online gaming, hook-up services and the adult entertainment industry and we have been featured many times at XBIZ and XBIZ World
GH-Bill focuses its marketing activities on Europe, North and South America and Asia. Over the years, we have built a stellar reputation for integrity, excellence and reliability which are some of them basic tenets of business.
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