8th European Chemistry Congress

Chemistry Conferences advanced interests include diverse topics such as the development of new synthetic methods for the assembly of complex organic molecules and polymeric materials, organometallic chemistry, organo catalysis, the synthesis of natural products and non-natural products with unique biological and physical properties, structure and mechanistic analysis, natural product biosynthesis, theoretical chemistry and molecular modeling, diversity-oriented synthesis, and carbohydrate organic chemistry. The research Organic Chemistry involves the synthesis of organic molecules and the study of their reaction paths, interactions, and applications.Organic Chemistry mainly focuses on prediction of aromatic behaviour and anti-aromatic behavior, carbohydrates & carboxylic acids, nitriles & phenols, phosphines & polymers, general condition for non-aromatic behavior of organic compounds, prediction of hybridization state of heterocyclic compounds, esters & ethers and reactions, reactivity of alpha hydrogens.

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