SHUKR Islamic Clothing, a modest clothing company that combines Western fashion with Islamic modesty, has announced that they are getting ready to introduce all new jilbabs into their 2017/2018 Winter Collection.

SHUKR Islamic Clothing is a leading producer of modest clothing that provides modest solutions to Muslims in the West. This week, the company has confirmed that it is about to unveil its much anticipated line of modest winter jilbabs. The new outerwear collection is said to include a variety of long and warm wool blended styles made specifically for the cold weather of November in the US and Canada. Nobody is sure yet, but based upon past winter collections from SHUKR, these new jilbabs will likely take on a streamlined and clean cut look, to make for a sharp statement style.

Anas Silwood, SHUKR Managing Partner, says in regards to the new Winter outerwear additions, “As a company, we are incredibly excited that our customers are so enthusiastic about the launch of our jilbabs year after year. These pieces we feel are so popular because they take a very traditional garment and blend it with a modern cool style, very unique to the West.” He continued, “You don’t see a whole lot of full length coats being worn in the United States and our jilbabs provide a unique way to stand out while maintaining modesty.”

Over the years, the company has attracted a loyal customer base of individuals searching for clothing that meets Islamic standards of dress. Providing a variety of styles, the company’s stock includes long sleeve shirts, long dresses, long skirts, and wide leg jeans among their ever popular jilbabs. Customers report that these sorts of styles can be particularly difficult to find in Westernized countries, and SHUKR helps to bridge the gap between modern and modest.

“As always, we are very proud to be an Islamic clothing provider. It is our hope that our customers will be proud to be dressed Islamically and that they take pride in the beauty of simplicity.” said Sillwood. “It’s very important for Muslims in the West to feel comfortable in what they wear and it has been our goal since day one to help them to do so.”

Launched in 2001, as one of the world’s leading Islamic clothing companies with a tagline of, “Putting Faith into Fashion,” SHUKR was the first company to provide contemporary, modest clothing that meets the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims living in the West available online for order.

You can view the new jilbabs when they become available at

Anas Sillwood, Managing Partner
SHUKR Islamic Clothing
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