Buy Your Perfect Medical Suit and Retail Space In Singapore

Singapore – 26 October 2017 – Royal Square At Novena will be built as a complex of medical suites, shops, F&B outlets and restaurants within a hotel development located at the heart of the future Novena Health City. The development will promise a hot demand with the booming in medical tourism in Singapore.

Investing in real estate is one of the smartest and most secure ways to use your financial resources. There is a wide range of opportunities you can explore with your new acquisition. After purchasing a residence, you can rent it out, refurbish and sell it for a higher price or just use it as your own place. With commercial space, the income you can potentially get from letting a business thrive at your property can be impressive.

A truly remarkable feature of real estate investments is that they are the most reliable and risk free economic operation. Once you invest money into a solid structure, you know it will be there for many years and you have tangible asset in your possession. Buying property does not require you to have degrees in economics or finances all you need is the ability to see where the opportunities are. Of course, before you make a successful investment you should assess the market and property you are looking at in order to understand its potential in future and seek out the best deals. Mentioning the deals and perspectives, never restrain your perspectives and look into the markets all around the world. Singapore is a perfect place to start. It is considered as a safe haven, has trusted, functioning institutions and is a growing market with low interest rates and guaranteed returns to owners who rent out their properties, all of which made this part of the world attractive for many real estate agents and developers. Royal Square at Novena is one of the most interesting projects about to be launched in Singapore. Its location and size are impressive and the facility, once finished will be a jewel of the Health City Novena. You will be the first mover to own a commercial unit in Novena with great upside potential as all the other commercial there are for lease only. It is a busy human traffic from IRAS and other locations and by 2030, traffic is expected to hit 30,000 pedestrians a day. Overall, this residential development has a massive potential and those who have the foresight to invest in there, will come out as winners in both the short as well as long terms.

About Royal Square at Novena:
Royal Square at Novena is a complex that embodies your aspirations and desires of a modern home and commercial space to the highest possible level. You will not be able to find anything similar on Singapore’s real estate market, since it offers you the best correlation between the price and the quality.

Company: Royal Square At Novena
Address: 101 & 103 Irrawady Road, Singapore, 329565

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