Powershift Coaching Empowers Youth to Take Control of Their Life in a Positive Way

Plainview, New York (webnewswire) November 1, 2017 – As a leading Youth Empowerment Coach, Keith Senzer offers one on one coaching, interactive workshops, and other speaking opportunities through Powershift Coaching to promote personal growth and acceptance in today’s youth. His “Oh,Shift!®” and “Oh,Shift! for Teens®” workshops are based on the best-selling novel by Jen Powers and Mark Tucker.

He plans workshops and other activities to help teens explore their belief systems and learn to be stronger, more responsible, confident, loving adults.

When asked about his service, “My story is simple but shared by many. I grew up on the South Shore of Long Island to a wonderful set of parents who instilled in me values that I still live by. When I was a child many of the labels children are given today such as ADD, ADHD, and OCD, were not prevalent in society and awareness was limited. I am sure I had some form of ADD because I could not focus in school, had trouble fitting in, and was a bit socially awkward,” said Keith Senzer, reminiscing his childhood memories in an interview.

Currently, he is offering coaching to changing the way teens and adolescents handle the stresses and pressures that society has placed upon them.

He also continued, “Later on, I am determined to change lives in a safe, responsible, and extremely powerful way. Through my one to one coaching, I help teens explore their dreams and goals and work together to remove any obstacles that may be inhibiting you from meeting them. You have the power of choice, power words, the power of thought and most of all the power to love yourself and others.”

Keith offers face to face coaching in the Tri-State area and Tele-Coaching worldwide and is very passionate about helping others realize their own potential and grow exponentially from it.

“The character development workshops are fun, dynamic and exciting, and is truly a powerful and lasting experience that you will take with you well into adulthood,” concluded Keith, the CEO of Powershift Coaching.

About Powershift Coaching:

Keith Senzer’s Powershift Coaching offers character development workshops and programs for teens to achieve goals and live life with joy and abundance. Visit http://shiftyourpower.com/ for more information.

Contact Name: Keith Senzer

Contact Address:
12 Harold Road
Plainview, NY
USA – 11803
Phone Number: 516 426 5495


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