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Month: October 2017

Affordable Roll-Offs Offer Next Day Delivery On Dumpster Rentals

Project clean up can be an overwhelming task. This is especially true for construction projects that are having to tear down large portions of materials or demolition. Instead of trying to figure out how and where to dispose of these materials, seek an easier solution. Affordable Roll-Offs can assist you with dumpster rentals for your next project. Keeping a project area clean can sometimes mean, being safe and staying more organized. So by removing the clutter it will allow you to stay on task, and keep the area free of potentially hazardous clutter. They offer a variety of sizes, from 12 yard roll-off dumpster up to 40 yards! Regardless whether you are taking on a whole house renovation or just a kitchen remodel, they can provide a you a dumpsters the very next day! Affordable Roll-Offs offers it’s customers the best service at affordable rates. These rates extend to all of their sizes. So no matter how big your project is, and no matter what size dumpster you need. Not only do they offer next day delivery, but also free delivery and pickup! If you visit their website at , you will find some great deals on a variety of their products offered. Each dumpster currently comes with a fantastic deal based on the days you are needing them. For instance right now you can have a 12...

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Stanford University Trial Demonstrates Accuracy of Accuro Automated Ultrasound

Anesthesia & Analgesia Publishes Results of RIVANNA’s Image-Guided Technology’s Epidural Success. Charlottesville, VA, USA — A clinical trial conducted at Stanford University Medical Center published this week in Anesthesia & Analgesia* proved the accuracy of the Accuro® image-guided spinal navigation system in calculating the optimal site and needle depth for epidural anesthesia administration. The research is the latest in a series of studies supporting the efficacy of RIVANNA’s ( handheld ultrasound system with proprietary pattern recognition software, which identifies spinal landmarks and provides automated epidural placement guidance. The innovative Accuro platform also has application in a range of additional...

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San Diego Botox Offers CoolSculpting Services

San Diego Botox now offers customers CoolSculpting services, a revolutionary process that removes unwanted fat without surgery. Customers may receive 20 percent off the FDA-approved procedure until Oct. 15, 2017. While about 10 years old, recent changes have made the technology more effective. It freezes, crystallizes and permanently destroys targeted fat cells that are gradually absorbed by the body, filtered through the kidneys and eliminated via the urine. Patients typically seek CoolScuplting treatment for the lower abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, upper arms and below the chin. Patients on average seek treatment on about four areas of their body. Results typically start to show as soon as two weeks with the most noticeable changes happening at about two months after the treatment. The body may take up to four to six months to completely eliminate the targeted fat cells. Most patients experience a 20 percent decrease in fat after each treatment. The treatment is completely non-invasive. The cost for CoolSculpting is $750 per area, but the price drops to $600 per area through Sept. 15. Prospective patients may seek a complimentary consultation at which San Diego Botox will design an individual treatment plan based on the patient’s goals. San Diego Botox opened in 2012. Its California-licensed physicians and nurses led by Dr. Alex Roher, Dr. Mark Poblete and registered nurse Patty Dalton have performed tens of thousands of...

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The Open Mind Center Launches A New Improved Website To Provide Better Yoga, Wellness, Spa, Spiritual, And Holistic Services In Roswell, Georgia

The Open Mind Center, a wellness and serenity services company, has recently launched a redesigned website which, like the Center itself, provides a wealth of resources for yoga, wellness, spiritual, and holistic lifestyles. For anyone who has ever been interested in learning more about how they can enrich their life with yoga, meditation, wellness services, or unique workshops, the site is an excellent starting point. It provides all the information visitors need about everything that The Open Mind Center offers to help them heal their bodies, nourish their souls, and awaken their minds. The website was redesigned with convenience, user-friendliness, and informative content as its top priorities. Website visitors will find an enhanced site that keeps them in mind with every click, from an accessible layout, in-depth descriptions about services, to enhanced navigation and search features. The result is a functional, attractive, and engaging user experience. The Open Mind Center’s new website design also allows visitors to see and access the Center’s calendar from nearly every page they visit. “If a visitor is reading about our Basics Yoga class and wants to know when they can take it, all they have to do is glance at the calendar on the side of the page to see if it’s being offered that same day,” said The Open Mind Center’s owner, Charmaine Taylor. “If they don’t see it, they just have...

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