NRS Sports Therapy Feedback on Effective Use of the Mag-Expert

Nottingham, England, October 31, 2017 — With 15 years experience of looking after athletes, NRS Sports Therapy take great pride in providing safe, high quality care to help their patients heal in non-invasive ways. Physio Equipment asked Neil what had inspired him to invest in a Mag-Expert?.

“I have been using Deep Oscillation therapy since 2012 and have had some tremendous results. My interest was further spiked in non-invasive healing modalities when a couple of my clients had been to a clinic to have clavicle fractures repaired. So I did some research on the equipment that was used and realised PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy was also very successful at treating arthritis, osteoporosis and many other conditions. This was my original focus but I have since given successful treatment for many conditions with the unit”

In June 2017, Neil was delighted to take delivery of a Mag-Expert for his practice in Sheffield, which now resides in his newly refurbished, additional therapy room, specially adapted to enable treatments with the Mag-Expert on the bespoke couch, which is pictured below.

About Mag-Expert
Mag-Expert provides magnetic field treatment with a field strength of 1–100 Gauss (adjustable in steps of one Gauss) and a frequency range from 1–100 Hz, with two completely independent channels and a treatment timer. Cylinders of different sizes, and high performance applicators maximise the efficiency of treatment. MFC technology focuses the magnetic fields almost entirely on the inside of the cylinder thus avoiding unnecessary exposure of the treatment team. For further information please click here


Patient One
58-year-old male with osteoarthritis to the knee’s suffered with pain when walking any distance, after multiple treatments, he went away for a weeks holiday and walked up to 10 miles a day, up many flights of stairs in Italy and came home without pain

Patient Two
66-year-old female with COPD – 90 min treatment for bronchitis, breathing improved after 10 minutes, able to take deep breathes. Another 90 min treatment – much improved. Two more treatments and she is less dependent on oxygen and inhaler. Update 24th October – now off oxygen.

Patient Three
60-year-old female with no knee cartilage to one leg: multiple arthroscopy operations to clean out the joint. 9 x 30 minute treatments – machine set to Gonarthrosis. Results – pain free after 5 treatments another 4 treatments given to increase cartilage growth. 10 days later still pain free with much improved movement. After 6 weeks and a 2-week holiday with lots of walking the knee started to stiffen a little, 2 more treatments were given and she has returned to being pain free currently 6 months later

Patient Four
45-year-old female, fractured little toe right foot, 2 days after break
1 hour fracture treatment much improved. Another 1 hour treatment 2 hours later greatly improved, almost completely pain free

Patient Five
50-year-old male, stress fracture to tibia, has been on-going for 3 months, 2 treatments for fracture.

Patient Six
45-year old male, no cartilage in toe in a lot of pain and scheduled for an operation to fuse the toe joint, 4 treatments in one day for arthrosis foot and now pain free. 4 weeks later still pain free but had 2 more treatments before going on holiday and he is going to cancel the operation. Update 24th October – operation cancelled

Patient Seven
17-year-old female athlete sustained a knee injury following a snow boarding accident, ligament damage was repaired usin but nerve damage was found following a nerve conduction test. Damage was found to the lower leg and greatly affected her ability to move her toes and foot. Treatment – 2 sessions machine set to Contusion. Movement to her toes was much improved, had another 2 treatments 2 weeks later and there was visibly more movement in her foot immediately after treatment. Another 2 treatments a week later and there is more movement again

About Physio Equipment and PhysioPod® UK Limited:
PhysioEquipment is the Sister Company of PhysioPod® UK Ltd and is directed and run by Sisters, Julie Soroczyn and Mary Fickling who are both very enthusiastic and passionate about healthcare. Company incorporation took place in 2006, when the company was set up to exclusively supply DEEP OSCILLATION®, an unknown treatment modality in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. In 2011, the PhysioPod® company name was trademarked, due to its recognition within healthcare and in 2012, they became approved NHS Suppliers, supplying the therapy into many NHS Lymphoedema services. Ten years on, they were delighted to receive the ‘Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Award for Healthcare Innovation’ with DEEP OSCILLATION®, just one of the high quality, cutting-edge products available from PHYSIOMED Elektromedicin AG, who hold a very strong position in Germany and export their products to 83 countries worldwide.

Julie Soroczyn heads up the company as Managing Director, with a wide and varied background including retail management, hospitality and an instructor of dance and aerobics. As a natural progression, Julie qualified in complementary therapies and sports massage and was introduced to DEEP OSCILLATION® by a sports lecturer in 2006. Julie’s Sister, Mary Fickling has experience in both retail and office management within the tv/film industry sector and the motor trade. Together with her skills in life-coaching, this made for a uniquely entwined and solid business union, built upon trust and driven passionately by a mission to supply high quality, clinically proven, healthcare products. Their dynamic partnership is relied upon by many practioners and patients, whom appreciate their efficient and timely responses to all enquiries with their open, helpful and friendly manner.

PhysioEquipment supply a range of outstanding, high quality products, innovative technical solutions, excellent price-performance ratio, as well as completely new therapeutic approaches including:- Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Laser, Microwave, Traction, Cryotherapy, Magnetotherapy, Shockwave and Magcell®. Mary and Julie are recommended suppliers of The Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) and Corporate members of MLDuk and Sponsors of The National Lymhoedema Framework Ireland. They are also well-respected as suppliers to the UK’s elite sporting world.

Mary Fickling
Physio Equipment and PhysioPod UK Ltd
Sherbrook Road, Daybrook
Nottingham, England NG5 6AS
01159 167 685

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