Over the past several months, SHUKR Islamic Clothing has been introducing more trendy and casual abaya options into their collections. Joining their more traditional options, SHUKR reports the new styles are lined up to be this quarter’s best sellers.
With casual fashion on the rise in the United States, the throw on and go,“leggings and a t-shirt” trend appears to be here to stay. Sweeping college campuses, grocery stores, and most public places, Americans love casual and trendy. But this has raised a problem in young Islamic communities across the United States. Can modesty and these casual “athleisure” trends coexist?
Anas Sillwood, managing partner of SHUKR Islamic Clothing, a company catering to modest dressers in westernized countries, responds with a resounding yes. “Every woman likes to look beautiful, and most women like to feel like they ‘fit in’ in terms of popular style. Muslim women are no exception, particularly young Muslim women. With these casual style trends surfacing particularly in the US, we are forced to rethink the traditional and provide more options for our younger customers.”
This sentiment is proven by the recent introduction of new the new casual “sporty” abaya, which is unlike anything SHUKR has done before. This new style of abaya is paving the way for the integration of modest and popular fashion trends, while proving that beauty and modesty can go hand-in-hand. The abayas join the roster of other new and wildly popular modest and casual pieces SHUKR designs with western lifestyles in mind.
“The practicalities of a Muslim woman’s life have been considered as well”, adds Sillwood. “For example, although the sleeves are slim, many of our styles have hidden zippers have been placed at the bottom of the sleeves so that they can be unzipped and rolled up when a woman needs to make wudu for prayer.”
SHUKR’s main audience is Muslim women, but hope that the introduction of casual abayas will catch the attention of women from all walks of life. SHUKR’s Creative Director and designer Tabassum Siddiqui clarifies “All women who appreciate beauty and modesty can wear these dresses.”