RxLink Has Selected QS/1 Pharmacy Management Software

RxLink has selected QS/1 Pharmacy Management Services as their Pharmacy Management Software for RxLink Pharmacy Services.

Chicago, IL – With the emphasis on service, RxLink has selected QS/1 as their Primary Pharmacy Software Vendor. But why QS/1? Jude P. Jean-Pierre, RPh, FASCP, Founder and CEO of RxLink Pharmacy Services, stated that QS/1 is the leader of the Pack with innovation and is currently ranked #1 in Pharmacy software.

QS/1 is releasing a new feature called Med Reminder, through QS/1’s Mobile Rx app, patients can utilize Med Reminder to alert them on their smartphones when it is time to take prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

Patients are renewing their prescriptions on line via the https://www.RxLinkPharmacy.net a mobile friendly site. RxLink will incorporate the QS/1 Mobile Rx to give more access to patients for Med Reminder and allow patient to manually schedule OTC item, such as aspirin and vitamins.

RxLink Pharmacies to utilize mobile Rx and the Med Reminder features from QS/1 said an RxLink’s representative.

For additional information on RxLink Pharmacy Services, please visit https://www.RxLinkPharmacy.net or call 1-855-679-5465.

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