Matthew Boley - FM PR1 C1017 recently made an announcement concerning safety tips for reducing slips and falls in the workplace. According to, slips and falls cause thousands of injuries – and in some cases, even deaths – in American workplaces each year. As a company that is committed to public safety, mentioned that one of its goals is to reduce the instances of these potentially catastrophic injuries. indicated that one way of reducing slip and fall injuries is wearing the right footwear. stated that employees should avoid shoes with smooth soles; as such shoes typically provide very little traction. went on to say that slip-resistant shoes are a great investment, as these shoes are comfortable and offer substantial traction. also announced that the right protective matting can prevent slips and falls in the work place. According to, slip resistant matting should be placed in slippery areas, such as near restaurant sinks, in order to prevent slips, falls, sprains, and strains from occurring. Such mats provide added traction in slippery areas, according to stated that these slip-resistant mats can also be used in the home, ensuring the safety of residents and their guests. also mentioned that one of the main reasons that slip and fall injuries – as well as a host of other injuries – occur in the workplace is that safety rules are not taught and/or enforced as rigorously as they should be. stated that proper training and proper rule enforcement will make workplaces safer for all involved. also said that these measures involve little time and little cost, but require commitment, dedication, and accountability from all staff members—from the top down. stated that it shared this piece of advice because it is committed to worker safety, and that reducing slips, falls, and injuries will help protect workers as well as employers. concluded its announcement by offering some company information, and stating that further information can be found at or by reading their latest posts at stated that it employs solutionists and business environment specialists who follow an industry-leading, consultative protocol known as ADAPT. went on to state that it has been in business for over 65 years, and has been putting customers first from the beginning. They can be followed at

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