Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd Announces To Supply Die Cast Aluminum Enclosures for Electrical & Electronic Equipments

Yantai, Shandong Province, China; 28, October 2017: For electrical or electronic equipment manufacturers, aluminum cabinets or aluminum enclosures are very important to prevent electrical shocks. Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd supplies aluminum cabinets of various dimensions to mount switches, knobs etc and to ensure the safety of the user of an electrical or electronic equipment.

The company supplies die casting aluminum enclosures made of Aluminum ADC12. Available in the sizes ranging from 125x80x58mm to 400x230x180mm, these aluminum cabinets are available in black, grey colors, and customers can also request for any custom color. With the IP66 protection, these enclosures are shipped with essential components, like cover, bottom, screws and the sealing. According to the company spokesperson, they also offer custom drilling, tapping, painting and installation services, so that these aluminum boxes can perfectly meet the requirements of the customers. These aluminum cabinets require less labor assembly and can be installed very quickly.

Besides aluminum cabinets, Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd also has a significant range of aluminum die casting parts, ready for the industrial supply throughout the year. These die cast parts are made of quality aluminum material for industries to use them in their varied industrial process. Moreover, the company is available to add custom or precise features to meet the exact requirements of the companies. The spokesperson reveals that they have a team of expert technicians and engineers who ensure a precise design and development of casting parts and supply them after a comprehensive quality control process.

According to the spokesperson, the CNC machining is another niche area in which they excel and provide CNC machined parts of an outstanding quality. They have the capability of machining and processing various metals and can provide industries with different metallic parts for their manufacturing purposes. They ensure a perfect CNC milling and CNC Turing for the custom metal fabrication requirements of different industries. Each CNC machined part is meticulously processed to make sure that it meets the ideal requirements of a client.

To know more about the aluminum cabinets or die casting parts they supply, one can visit their website http://www.santecind.com.

About Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd:

Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd is an industrial and international company located in Yantai, Shandong Province, China. The company is one of the professional casting suppliers of aluminum casting, including high pressure die casting, gravity die casting and zinc alloy die casting. With various casting equipment, CNC machines and inspection facility, they can provide one-stop service including tooling design, die casting and precision machining.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Marie Li
Company: Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd
Telephone: 0086 18663803095
Email: info@santecind.com
Website: http://www.santecind.com

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