Liztek PSS-100 Bluetooth Speaker is wireless, energy efficient, gives amazing sound quality, easy to use and is ultraportable. And now it’s available on Groupon marketplace in the USA.

Liztek is a brand known worldwide for its dynamic Bluetooth speakers and highly advanced computer auxiliaries. The label has earned tremendous goodwill and trust of its customers across the globe and had also induced to the latest trend of shopping known as e-commerce. Earlier the products of Liztek were available on Amazon and Walmart but with growing popularity the brand is making certain products available on different e-commerce platforms. Recently Liztek has launched its PSS-100 Bluetooth Speaker on Groupon USA. The device has got an overwhelming response on other e-commerce portals and with increasing popularity of the device the brand planned to launch it on Groupon.

Liztek PSS-100 Bluetooth speaker, a fine device and worth every single penny, one spends to buy the device. Following are the features making the device so much in demand:
• Wireless: Unlike the conventional music players, it does have heaps of entangled wires despite it uses Bluetooth to connect with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops, etc.
• Energy Efficient: The device gives up to 10 hours of continuous playtime when charged fully.
• Amazing Sound Quality: It’s loaded with premium bass giving high definition sound quality making it perfect for small gatherings and parties.
• User-friendly: To enjoy the speaker simply turn on the Bluetooth of your device and connect it. Now you can select a song from your device and enjoy HD sound from the speaker. The speaker has got a number of tabs to operate the music from the speaker itself hence the user can operate the music both from the device as well as the speaker itself.
• Ultra Portable: It’s compact and lite in weight device, making it easy to carry even while traveling.
Liztek PSS-100 Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for all the music lovers, it enhances the overall music listening experience of the user. To know more about the device simply log on Groupon.