DeoInfracon Emerges Through Market Slum has been initiated, under the flagship of Glossus Infotech Private Limited, amidst the market grim to bring smile on the face of last mile users. The portal provides a platform where the end mile users can interact and work and thereby doing away with the chins of middle man where many times work even fails to reach them. India is blessed with world’s second largest work force and considering the fact that the nation is being projected as one of the fasted growing economy around, it is hard to believe the fear and uncertain market sentiments prevailing all around. Whatever the reasons may be but some concrete and bold steps are the need of hour to alter the general perception and pull out the market from its existing grim situation. This is where an initiative like has larger role to play. is an online platform which aims to integrate the services of civil projects, consultancy in and logistics at single platform giving a complete outlook to the end to end business as a whole. The portal gives an independent and in-depth platform of civil projects of all volume and nature where even a maintenance work to huge schemes can be posted and the consultant and contractors for to execute those will take care of the rest. The civil work nature include maintenance, interior, exterior, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, carpentry, electronics, brick masonry, earth work, surveying, leveling, seismic resistant work, fire resistant work, water proof, green building, smart materials, concrete and RMC, fabrication, glass, aluminium, PMC, fly-ash, Corrosion Mechanism, Prevention & Repair Measures of RCC Structure, landscaping, skirting, flooring, sewage and treatment, etc. in its endeavor to integrate the project activities does not forget to include the larger chunk of unseen work which is planning and designing. The Platforms gives a space to communicate and execute all activities by respective consultants like area planning, site planning, construction planning, post construction planning, interior planning, exterior planning, advanced construction techniques and planning, project design, structural design, all architectural design, interior design, exterior design, project estimation, project bill of materials, PMC, audit, risk etc. and thereby executing the said work. Now, it is not required to look for respective specialist from here and there and ascertain their capabilities and rather just navigate through the portal to end your search of any or all business advisory consultants.

To complete the project related activities at single platform, provides a platform for earth moving vehicle to hire for, on requirement basis as well as transportation services. The last mile logistics are targeted thereby to bring ease in the project activities and end the monopolistic business nature. This is the business vertical hardly understood by majority of masses and hence untouched which separates this sector from competitive opportunity. It is gives a wide eyed glare to those who are striving to earn their livelihood by venturing into the segment. What else is to end the search for and at where one get a platform to interact and work on a vertical which is still a distant away from rat rush competition?

Deoinfracon is conceptualized and founded by the visionary entrepreneur Diwaker Singh who has taken pains to realize the dream into a running model. It is his sheer belief and hard works which has given the run of this innovative model under the prevailing uncertain market. The portal aims to provide opportunities to all where any deserving should not be deprived of opportunities just because of ignorance and non-access. The founder infuses years of corporate, public and entrepreneurship experience of business process, operation and execution to lead the race of the most uncertain and unorganized segments which are and will always remain the backbone of every building. In his own words, we live to work and we work to live. The business theme is to bring efficiency in expandability in business operation, to make the business within reach of everyone, to provide an opportunity for everyone to be a part of this business vertical in a competitive manner and most importantly to provide understanding and knowhow of this segment to all.

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