Bombay Swastika by Braham Singh

Bombay Swastika swings from a Nazi Berlin gearing up for its Final Solution, to 1964 Bombay, where Ernst Steiger, a German Jew, accidentally finds himself caught up in the murder of a young tribal, killed amidst allegations of something being stolen from a secure American compound. With the monsoons laying siege on the city, the reader accompanies Ernst past Bombay’s refugee camps and haunted whorehouses; food shortages, textbook mafias, communist protests against American PL 480 Food Aid, and peculiar happenings at India’s nuclear facility; where Dr. Homi J. Bhabha, the nation’s atomic mastermind, gets drawn into a conspiracy hatched in his absence.

“The author has picked an unusual premise for this complex thriller. The characters are as unique as the setting. What a terrific debut!”
Bestselling Novelist & Columnist

With the amazing ease of a seasoned storyteller, Braham Singh takes the reader to a world that is alive with history and throbbing with details. Bombay Swastika is a compelling first novel and an exciting thriller.
Award-winning Author

Braham Singh’s narrative keeps you going till the end. From Nazi camps to Mumbai’s deepest secrets, and to Homi Bhabha’s nuclear program, Bombay Swastika keeps you gripped. Eagerly looking forward to seeing this story on a movie screen.
Award-winning Author

What an amazing literary mash-up: taking the cauldron that is India, with its communal and industrial turmoil, and adding in tortured fragments of the Holocaust and the impact of exile and displacement from Europe. The result is a tumultuous and haunting tour de force and a stunning debut novel.
Professor of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York City

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