Check “it” Out! 2017 Limited Free Lucky Salt Grab Bag

Kunshen Wangye’s Salt of Peace Festival this year specially uses Chifuqiansui as the representatives of the activity. The image of God of Chifuqiansui with dignity and honor in cute version can be seen on the activity images and lucky salt grab bags. Considering the die-hard fans of lucky salt grab bag, Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Management Office, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (hereinafter referred to as Southwest Coast Management Office) elaborately plans a series of methods for requesting the free bags in order to make sure people can receive the special limited lucky salt grab bag through various methods. Meanwhile, the organizer also respectfully invites Q-version God of Chifuqiansui to be the representatives of the activity to flash appear at various tourist attractions in southwest coast areas to give away gifts to the public in order to warm up the event of “2017 2017 Kunshen Wangye’s Salt of Peace Festival”.
The first flash activity of god idol has been actively launched on October 15th. The god idol of Chifuqiansui unexpectedly appeared at SIO House in AnPing, Tainan and High-Heel Wedding Church in Budai, Chiayi on Sunday afternoon and attracted a lot of attention from the public with lots of photo taking. The well-received God of Chifuqiansui happily gave away 100 commemorative coins for good wealth and the vouchers for lucky salt grab bags; hoping to bring everyone good luck. Moreover, those who would like to have the lucky salt grab bag but were late to participate in the activity do not need to worry! Search for the fan page of “2017 2017 Kunshen Wangye’s Salt of Peace Festival” on FB and pay close attention on the information of activities, the lucky salt grab bags will be given away irregularly! You can also request it for free through the following methods!! Those who would like to collect the lucky salt grab bag that is moving towards the 14th year should not miss the opportunity!!!
Southwest Coast Management Office will arrange 13 venues during the two-day activity for “2017 2017 Kunshen Wangye’s Salt of Peace Festival” on November 11th and 12th for people to take limited free salt bags from each venue. There are two ways of requesting free bags: The first is “free bags with purchase of a target amount”. As long as people purchase at least NT$100 each at two different vendors during the period of activity, they will be given two vouchers for lucky salt grab bag exchange. Take the two vouchers to salt bag exchange area, and you can exchange them with two lucky salt grab bags. The second is “free bags with commercial receipt donation”. You can use 10 receipts issued in September, October and November 2017 to exchange 2 lucky salt grab bags at the exchange area for free. Each person is only entitled for exchanging 2 bags the maximum.
People who participate in divining blocks throwing challenge this year will be given the lucky salt bag produced by Nankunshen Temple so that people who like to collect salt bags in different design have an extra choice. In addition, people who are in top three for divining blocks throwing will be awarded latest robotic vacuum cleaner, one double room accommodation voucher at Tayih Landis Hotel Tainan, and microwave respectively. The prizes this year are ample, and please do not miss the opportunity. What’s more, the quaint and appealing Da Kun Yuan located in Nankunshen Temple will be open to the public for free in a period of limited time. There will be also guided tour in foreign language to provide tourists from foreign countries detailed explanation. Please follow up the fan page of “Southwest Coast, Good Fun!!!” or 2017 Kunshen Wangye’s Salt of Peace Festival for more activity information.

Welcome to Taiwan!!!!!!

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