Fossil Machine Chronograph Quartz Fs5073 Mens Watch| Far From Being Distractingly Flashy

Designed to complement showy attires and elegant dressing styles, the Fossil Machine Chronograph Quartz FS5073 Mens Watch is a piece with simple technical traits that come to use in a day to day life. It’s an active wear for not-so-active men, making style the primary motivation. A good choice for a high-flown urban life, the Fossil Machine Chronograph Quartz FS5073 Mens Watch is built to last through years if not used for adventure purposes.

Machine talk:

The Fossil collection offers a large variety of styles to choose from without making you sweat with the price points and the Fossil Machine Chronograph Quartz FS5073 Mens Watch – one of the most prominent pieces of their dressier collection, is a brilliant example.

The question naturally arises about what made Fossil opt for the name Machine for one of their products targeted for the social creatures and party lovers. The answer lies in its bezel; the texture comes from knurling, which adds a fairly great deal of visual impact to the face and saves you from the dirty looks that scratches often bring. It surrounds a simple, glossy and competent dial with a standard, three-eyed chronograph layout. The outer portion bears the hour markers in rose gold tone as the rest of the case while the inner circle on the dial is slightly raised to make things appear a little different but not overtly. The dull gloss of the rose gold tone brings a subtle contrast to the shining blue dial, one of the few underlying factors that make the Fossil Machine Chronograph Quartz FS5073 Mens Watch so attractive.

Since made for a completely urban use, the Fossil Watches For Men doesn’t come with lume, except for the hands, which is enough to read time if the lights go off suddenly. Don’t expect a torch-like glow; just a decent one that stays put for at least a couple of hours.

Another distinct positive is the date display. A round window neatly bordered by a shining stainless steel ring between 4 and 5’o clock, it brings the necessary distraction to keep monotony away without being overtly visible or obtrusive.

Fossil Machine Chronograph Quartz FS5073 Mens Watch At 42mm across, the Fossil Machine Chronograph Quartz FS5073 Mens Watch lets you approach the big watch trend without going for overkill but delivering a bigger feel that’s both sensible and comfortable.

End note:

The Fossil Machine Chronograph Mens Watch is free from design quirks that are often found in low-priced dress watches and puts well the elements together to qualify as a quite reliable daily wearer. Its quality construction ensures years-long lasting unless, of course, you want to test how far it can go through dust and mud.

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