CeramOptec adds splicing applications to its portfolio

Bonn, October 11, 2017 – CeramOptec, the specialist for multimode optical fibers, manufactured from quartz glass, has added splicing applications to its product portfolio. Based on the utilization of the CO2-Laser-Systems Nyfors SmartsplicerTM, in whose development CeramOptec participated directly, the biolitec subsidiary from Bonn is, as of now, able perform high precision, individually customized fusion splicing of end caps and various optical fibers. The software controlled splicing system is built based on the patented Axicon SplicingTM beam formation technology and projects a ring-shaped laser focal point, whose diameter can be adjusted according to the respective application. The energy from the laser is distributed evenly and projected precisely on the intended splicing area. This way, especially end caps with larger radii can be fused to a fiber through the laser much more precise and efficient than by means of conventional splicing devices. The system is also particularly well suited for the splicing of photonic crystal and gradient index fibers. Applications like the active collapsing of fibers, as well as rounding off and tapering of fiber ends can be achieved with the new splicing laser with previously unobtainable precision. The very stable software control and high precision of all optical and mechanical components guarantee the exact reproducibility of production results, even in highly demanding manufacturing processes. In order to accomplish the demand-oriented configuration of the application at all times, CeramOptec is available to assist customers through extensive guidance and test-runs within their own production process.

The SmartsplicerTM was developed as the result of a research project, in which aside from Nyfors and CeramOptec, also the Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Optik und Feinmechanik (IOF) [Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering] in Jena participated. While Nyfors developed the laser system and Fraunhofer IOF the optical components, CeramOptec was in charge of consistently testing the individual application scenarios. Additional information about CeramOptec”s fusion splicing portfolio, as well as the guidance and test offer, are available online at www.ceramoptec.com (http://www.ceramoptec.com)

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