Ultimate Luxury Gift Set By Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill introduces a range of gift sets for varied grooming requirements as the perfect gifting option this festive season. With the Next Gen Gentlemen taking their grooming quiet seriously, these gift sets become the ideal companion for the men of today. What’s even better is these sets come in a handy size to be their perfect travel companion too.


Truefitt & Hill, comes up with a perfect option for those who love to pamper themselves a tad bit more. A perfect combination of products for all your grooming needs this gift set comes with three products. The Ultimate Luxury Pre – Shave Oil contains ten essential oils for glide, moisturizing, healing and conditioning. Use before shaving to help protect your skin and soften your beard. The Ultimate Luxury Shaving Cream is designed to provide the closest shave whilst at the same time protecting and aiding in the repair of the shaver’s skin. The Ultimate Luxury After Shave Balm is a rich, soothing moisturizer that contains lanolin and aloe-vera extract to reduce irritation for those with particularly sensitive skin.

The Ultimate Luxury Set: Rs 7400

· The Ultimate Luxury Pre-Shave Oil: Rs 2400
· The Ultimate Luxury Shaving Cream: Rs 2200
· The Ultimate Luxury After Shave Balm: Rs 2800

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