Install a Fireplace This Winter from the Original Flame

Installing fireplaces, traditional, electrical, and even modern gas stoves, have been quite the trend in recent years, especially during the start of the cold season. The right fireplace can add the perfect mix of beauty, elegance, ambience and warmth into any household. There are tons of professional fireplace installation companies operating in the market, each claiming to be the best at what they do.

This brings us to The Original Flame, a dynamic fireplace installation service provider and store, located in Peterborough, Ontario. Several homeowners residing in places like Peterborough and the Kawarthas have already employed The Original Flame for their services. The following points contain the reasons why it is a good idea to get onboard.

1. Danger: D.I.Y fireplace installations are never a good idea, and an accident can happen at the slightest of mistakes during setting it up. Fireplaces involve dealing with hazardous fumes, combustible gases and other potentially dangerous emissions which are strong health hazards. Improper installation can put the entire household under risk.

The Solution: Let the professionals handle it. A professional fireplace installation service like the Original Flame knows how to go about it. They have a certified and qualified staff that can oversee the installation process and make sure everything adheres to the existing safety standards. Because of their specialized knowledge, they can effectively eliminate any installation flaws and make the fireplace safe for use.

2. Related building requirements: Fireplace installations depend not only on the installation of the fireplace but also the place where it is being installed. It often requires specialized knowledge as well as adherence to specific building and safety codes to eliminate any danger. Depending on the type of fireplace chosen, building requirements might differ.

The Solution: A professional fireplace installation company takes care of all other infrastructural requirements to make sure that the fireplace is installed safely and efficiently. They have the appropriate work permits to conduct structural modifications related to fireplace if needed.

3. Wood burning installations: Many homeowners prefer the charm of a traditional fireplace over a more contemporary design. All fireplace installations are not the same and depend on the type of fireplace being installed. In the case of traditional wood burning fireplace, it requires the construction of a chimney along with building a vent and fitting a firebox. Some of these tasks are delicate and require specialized knowledge.

The Solution: A Professional fireplace installation service will have the required know-how to make it work. They know the appropriate measurements while installing the chimney for achieving the maximum utility. Other measurements like ground clearance, size of the firebox etc are also handled by them.

To know more about The Original Flame and their services, please visit their website at-

A reputed name in the industry, the Original Flame promises to provide the best fireplace solutions to any household. Their product catalogue consists of a variety of fireplaces (modern and traditional), inserts and even gas stoves. Recognized for the quality of the products and services they provide, they ensure that they select the right type of heating source for an ambient and cozy living space, at a reasonable price.

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