Los Angeles, California, USA – 27 September 2017 – Tim & Reuben’s My Vacations Rental offers short term vacation rentals in New York, Palm Springs and Buenos Aires. Being the constant travelers, Tim and Reuben try to share their most powerful impressions of these cities with their clients by means of rendering the most magnificent vacation rentals.
There’s no question that one of the best options to learn this world is to travel from one place to another, while seeing new places, getting acquainted with new people and understanding new cultures and traditions. Traveling is always interesting and even exciting. Still, during our stays in one of the remarkable cities of the world, we certainly need to live somewhere, renting an apartment or a house. This living experience is no less important than the touristic one, as it allows us comparing our vacation apartment or house with our own home.
Most of travelers like spending their vacations, choosing apartments or houses of deluxe class. This temporary homes are expected to be highly comfortable, providing the luxurious ambience. In such a way, visiting the most attractive places of interest or viewing the most breathtaking sights of exotic nature, we have a great chance to enjoy our vacation homes along with the living conditions they offer us. In addition, residing in a unique apartment or home, which features its exceptional style and character, It’s possible to acquire an extraordinary experience along with the plethora of positive impressions.
All those people, who look for the possibility to change their habitual environment in order to forget about daily routine and perhaps hassle and stress, can select an excellent home for rent, which is located in such wonderful cities as New York, Palm Springs and Buenos Aires, to be able to enjoy this cities’ life together with the whole set of pleasant things it offers its inhabitants. Under this circumstance, Tim and Reuben provide the best vacation rental service, since they offer the unique real estate, which has a special design and furnishings.
About Tim & Reuben’s My Vacations Rental:
Tim & Reuben’s My Vacations Rental was found by two friends, Reuben Pacheco and Tim Jacobsen, who like acquiring amazing property, whether it comes to apartment or house, situated in the most attractive touristic centers. Being the seasoned travelers and specialists in real estate, Tim and Reuben know the value of comfort and style, and thus, provide their customers with the fantastic homes during their stays in New York, Palm Springs or Buenos Aires.

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Email: Reuben@MVR.House
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